Surrey Moving Tips – Moving During the Week or During the Weekend

Moving during the week or on the weekend when moving in Surrey, BC or elsewhere in Canada – a reason why you should be asking yourself this question is of course the moving price. There are other aspects of the relocation process that may influence your decision of the time to move, such as convenience.

Moving During the Week or Weekend - Surrey Movers

The weekdays and the weekends give an opportunity for a different relocation and how it will go for you – you decide based on the day you pick for your moving. If you have a family – it will also matter for them when you will relocate.

This article will review the pros and cons of a move during the weekend vs. moving during the week.

Is it Cheaper to Move during the Week?

This might be the most important question when moving. Generally, Surrey movers charge more on peak times for relocation. These are during the summer, on holidays, the first and last several days of the month and on the weekends.

On the other hand, the time when Surrey moving companies are less busy are the months from October to April, the weekdays and the days during the month. This is why you are right to ask yourself is it cheaper to move during the week because the time to do it matters.

Another aspect that can lower your costs is if you are able to be flexible regarding the date of your moving day. Your Surrey movers can charge you less if you agree to move on another day. This way they can ask you to pay a smaller amount, because on one direction with their truck they will carry your items and on the other – someone else’s. You should be able to arrange a day off for you so you can meet your Surrey movers at your new home and check that everything was transferred safely.

Moving during the Week

For establishing which option is cheaper for you – moving during the week or the weekend, get as many Surrey moving quotes as you can. Your Surrey movers will let you know what your relocation will cost you.

And yet the price is not all to consider when choosing your moving day. There are other important factors as well.

Consider Convenience

When moving during the week you and your partner will have to take a day off from work to make the relocation. If you have children, plan who will take them to and from school that day or arrange a day off for them as well. If they are grown up enough, they can help you pack. You can let them wrap up some of their personal belongings like clothes and toys.

You may have less time to do the packing on a weekday. Also consider the traffic you will have to encounter during the weekdays vs. the weekends. You can consider going through less busy streets if you are moving yourself with your car.

Moving during the weekend means you will all be available. Get a good night sleep the day before, go to bed early and on your moving day get up early as well. Still, you may be tired from work so an option for you is to find helpers by hiring professional Surrey movers.

Hire Professional Surrey Movers

Most professional Surrey movers have the capacity to complete your move better during the week. In their busier period in summer they may need to take trucks from other companies to complete your move, but even then they may be busy. This is why when scheduling your moving day with a Surrey moving company, try to do it as earlier as possible. Even though moving companies may be willing to complete your move on the date you wish – they may not be able to do so for certain reasons. Give your Surrey moving company an opportunity to prepare your move professionally. You can ask them what the price will be if you move during the weekend or if you are intended on moving during the week. Every relocation job is unique – so will the cost for your move be.

Moving During Weekdays or During the Weekend

Moving on a weekend or moving during the week is up to you. Whichever you decide – just remember to check all aspects around it and plan your moving day well.

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West Vancouver Moving Tips – Basic Packing Guide & Moving Basics Checklist

When moving to or from West Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada, you will need to make a basic packing guide and prepare a moving basics checklist.

Packing and Moving Tips - Movers West Vancouver BC

Where to start and what would you be best to take with and prepare for?

Basic Packing List

First of all, make a list of the packing materials you will need. Certainly you will need to have for that a checklist with your inventory to move – irrelevant if you are moving short or long distance to or from West Vancouver, BC, whether you are going to complete your moving yourself or you plan to hire a professional West Vancouver moving company.

Then make a basic packing list with items that are forbidden to pack and will not be taken by your West Vancouver movers for shipping. They are harmful and dangerous, and this thus are banned from packing. Some of such items may be: poison, flammable substances, radioactive materials, corrosives, gaseous materials.Of course, request information from your West Vancouver moving company on the complete list and have it with you when packing – these materials are banned for transportation for safety reasons.

Packing basics

Go to every room of your home and decide what you will be packing for moving. If you want to save money and time – don’t pack everything you have. Choose what to take along and include it in your basic packing list. The rest can be given away or sold at a moving sale. Why keep things you don’t need anymore when you can make some profit out of that and relief your budget of unnecessary extra costs?

Create a list of things that you are not going to be used for a while. Such items should be placed in boxes first. You should do this as soon as possible after you know that you will be moving.

In every box that you pack place enough cushioning material, such as packing paper or pages from old newspapers and magazines at the bottom and before closing the box at its top – this way you can be sure your items will be safe during moving.

For your basic packing guide write down to remember to separate all the fragile items and label their boxes properly. Wrap the breakable items you have with several layers of packing papers.

Include in your basic packing guide that heavier items should be packed first. After that, you can easily fill in the empty spaces left inside with smaller objects.

After the boxes are closed seal them well with packing tape to make sure the walls of the boxes will handle the weight inside them.

Packing Basic Essentials

As part of your moving basics checklist remember to ask for a moving quote from your West Vancouver movers – it is free and it will give you a better idea of your upcoming costs related to your moving.

For your packing basics list include the items you will need on your first day after moving in like toiletries, some clothes, toys for the kids and some packed food. You will need to be prepared for your first day at your new home. It would also be good if you could make sure you have some drinks when you arrive. Especially if your move is a bigger one you will appreciate some refreshment at the end of the day without having to go to supermarkets as you are tired and exhausted.

Moving Basics Checklist

When moving, the first basic task that should go to your list is to decide whether you will hire a reliable well rated West Vancouver moving company or will you do the packing and moving yourself. When considering moving basics, do-it-yourself may be very difficult and time consuming because of the extra effort you will need to place on organization.

On the other hand, West Vancouver moving experts will take much less time and the price for their work does not have to go over the roof – you can still move safely with a West Vancouver moving company and you can do it on your budget.

Most West Vancouver moving companies have their basic principles for moving and handling. This means that they are prepared on how to take care of your luggage during shipment in order to deliver it to your new home safe and undamaged so you might as well consider trusting them. So when making your moving basics checklist, ask for a quote from a West Vancouver moving company in order to estimate on an average what might moving costs be for you.

Another important task for your moving basics checklist is to remember to pay all of your bills before you leave your home.

Also, pick everything that you might have left at the dry cleaners.

A good tip to add to your moving out basics is to ask someone to help you. Speak with your relatives, friends, neighbors who are available to be with you on your moving day.


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New Westminster Moving Tips – Moving Away From Home Guide & Tips

If time has come for you to move away from your family and friends, you are probably facing a situation you have never experienced before.

No matter the reason of your move, there is a way you can cope with this situation. Dealing with moving away from family and friends, to or from New Westminster, BC or elsewhere in Canada, is not an easy task and it can be stressful for most people.

Moving Away From Home - Movers New Westminster

Check out our moving tips below and take advantage of our advice.

Moving away from home – what is the best time to move?

If you are a student or you have a full-time job, perhaps moving during the holidays or in the off peak season would be better for you.

Tips for moving away from Home

Moving away from home for the first time is an exciting new challenge and you and your closest people may be a bit nervous about it. But as a great opportunity is opening up for you start preparing and ask them to participate.

Decide which of your belongings you would like to take with you when moving away from home. Make a list of them and divide them to separate categories: clothing, books, electronics, etc.

Once you start packing you can handle each category on its own and place all items of one type together in the boxes or bags. When moving away from family and friends ask them to involve themselves, too.

Your parents might be able to advise you which items you will also need when leaving your home so have a discussion with them. You can also ask them to help you pack and move.

Packing and Moving Away From Home

When moving away from home, family and friends can help you with your packing and loading.

Start by deciding if you will be packing your belongings by yourself or you will get advantage of the full moving service move provided by your New Westminster movers. If you take the decision and the time to pack some of it personally you will save money from packing materials and moving labor as well and you’ll cut your moving costs significantly.

How much will moving away from home cost? After you contact New Westminster movers and give them the details of your move, they will provide you with a moving quote. Doing this, you can have an idea how much money will you need to move away from your home and plan your moving budget in advance.


Full Service New Westminster Moving Services

Professional New Westminster movers can guide you when moving away from home and you can ask for their professional assistance.

Hiring New Westminster moving company provides you with a much longer list of services that you can rely on in comparison to a self moving. New Westminster moving professionals with experience can guide you on every step of the way when moving away from home, explain the whole process to you and perform it.

The different New Westminster movers offer different services but most New Westminster moving companies supply you with packing materials on the moving day, they pack and load your belongings, store them, transfer them to your new address, unload and unpack everything they have in their trucks.

In the meantime you can also ask them for additional moving insurance. Trusting the experts may be a good choice because you will save time and effort. Finding a reputable New Westminster moving company and moving safely with a New Westminster movers is an option worth considering in this case.

Moving away from family and friends can be a stressful experience. But once you are prepared how to handle it, what are your options and choices it gets much easier and achievable.

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Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in VancouverBurnabyNew WestminsterCoquitlamNorth VancouverWest VancouverRichmondSurreyDeltaMaple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.


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The Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company

Much of the stress that comes with moving to or from Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada can be relieved by hiring the right Vancouver movers to do the job. When choosing a Vancouver moving company, it is wise to do some research before making a selection, and to ask your family and friends for the names of companies they recommend.

It is also useful to call organizations such as the Better Business Bureau for a list of suggested movers. You may want to find out if the mover is a member of an association of movers or a certified reputable mover program.

Moving Checklist - Metro Vancouver Movers

The Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company

The Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company (hereafter the “Consumer Checklist”) and the associated Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers were prepared by a multi-stakeholder working group consisting of government, business, and consumer group representatives and academics, under the leadership of the Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada.

When Mr. R moved from Vancouver to Toronto, he contacted three major moving companies for estimates before choosing a mover and, as added protection, he bought extra insurance from the mover. The movers alone cost about $10 000.

When his belongings arrived, several rare, framed prints valued at about $50 000 were missing, so he immediately contacted the moving company’s head office.

Not only did the company accuse him of making a bogus insurance claim, because none of the packers recalled seeing the missing prints, but also added that it couldn’t be held accountable for the actions of the packers because they were independently contracted casual labourers and not full-time company employees.

Follow this checklist to help reduce the chance of this sort of problem happening to you.

Start with these questions:

  • Does the company know about and agree to abide by the terms of the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers?
  • Does the company provide you with a pamphlet that outlines customer and mover rights and responsibilities, as well as written material regarding mover liability for loss or damage, optional programs available, limitations on liability and additional costs associated with each level of liability?
  • Is the company insured? Ask them to provide you with the insurance company’s name and policy number.
  • Does the company have their own equipment, or will a sub-contractor or another company be providing the service? Which company? What is their record like? Get references.
  • Who will be providing services at the end of the move, such as unpacking, claims settlement, and storage? Is it the same as the original company, an affiliated van line, or someone else?
  • If your belongings will be left overnight in a moving van, will the van be kept in a secure facility? Be sure to use a company that uses vehicles designed for household goods moving and storage.
  • Whose storage facilities will be used – the company’s or a third party’s? It’s a good idea to visit and check out the company’s offices, storage facilities and vehicles before you move.
  • Does the mover have a Workers’ Compensation Board certificate? If not, you may end up paying for any employee injuries during the move.


Original source: Industry Canada

Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in VancouverBurnabyNew WestminsterCoquitlamNorth VancouverWest VancouverRichmondSurreyDeltaMaple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.

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Vancouver Moving Company Nightmares – How to Avoid Moving Scams

Vancouver Moving Company Nightmares – How to Avoid Moving Scams

With the tough competition in the moving business, many moving companies low-ball their moving estimates just to get the deal. Those are the moving companies that customers should be worried about.

Here’s a video produced by CBC News to showcase some bad frustrating experience people had with various moving companies across Canada:

In response to that, we have prepared some tips below on how to avoid moving scams and to find the best moving company for your upcoming move.

Where to Start When Looking for Reliable Movers in Greater Vancouver, BC?

Do your research on some specifics about the Greater Vancouver moving company you’ve decided to use in order to ensure you are not wasting your time and money by being scammed.

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Movers - Greater Vancouver Movers

First of all, learn how to recognize rogue movers. Most Greater Vancouver moving companies are legitimate businesses, but in recent years, many complaints for scams have been received. One of the best way to recognize the illegitimate ones is before they load your household goods onto their moving vehicle. Find several moving companies and compare the rates and prices. That should give you a hint as to what to expect, and if the offer you are getting is a potential scam as the quote you were given seems too low.

Tips to Avoid Moving Scams

Here is how to avoid moving scams by researching and asking the right moving questions in advance.

  • Typical scammers usually give you a low moving estimate price over the phone and promise to get the job done in a very short period of time, which makes you feel that you’ve got a bargain. This is one of the most popular moving scams to avoid. The good thing is that you can detect this right away at your first interaction with the moving company. Just hang up the phone and move on to the next moving company.
  • They also may demand cash only payment or a large money deposit. Usually a deposit would be about 10% to %20 – so beware of a possible scam scheme if the percentage you are given is significantly higher. And if you pay by cash, you cannot dispute the charges with your credit card company. In most cases the scam movers can’t be reached once your items are delivered.
  • Another sign to look out for is if the movers don’t have a website – a standard company asset nowadays – or if they have a website, but it doesn’t display any information about their licensing or insurance (or the NSC – National Safety Code). This is the government’s way to ensure that people who move will be using the services of a licensed company and to prevent moving scams. Ask your Greater Vancouver movers about their licensing information.
  • Most of the reputable moving companies in Greater Vancouver should have their own branded company trucks. Demand that moving services are provided with the moving company’s owned vehicle and not a rental or unsigned vehicle.
  • Read moving reviews, ratings and consumer testimonials before booking. By reading other customers’ testimonials and potential complaints online, you will know which company provides better moving services. By checking out some reviews you will also know what unfortunate scamming situations other people have been in and how you can beware and be careful for such not to happen to you.
  • It is also a good idea to deal with BBB certified movers. Check out moving companies listed on

What to do to protect yourself

  • Make photos of your items (especially all the expensive furniture pieces) – just in case you need to go to the court, you will have the evidence.
  • Make photos of the movers and their trucks. See if your items will travel in the same truck.
  • Demand a copy of the contract – this is extremely important. Make sure you never sign blank papers. Usually this is apparent evidence and a clear signal to avoid a moving scam.
  • Dispute credit card charges in case you think you are being scammed.
  • Write a BBB review / complaint.
  • Contact an attorney to handle your case. Make sure you collect enough evidence.

People say education and information bring about change, thus be ready that the moving business is a complicated matter and you have to be aware of your rights and responsibilities in order to be protected from scam.

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Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in VancouverBurnabyNew WestminsterCoquitlamNorth VancouverWest VancouverRichmondSurreyDeltaMaple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.

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