Vancouver Moving Tips – Best Places to Live in Vancouver

Vancouver is undoubtedly an expensive place to live, but there are still some affordable options.

Vancouver Neighbourhoods Map - Best Places to Live in Vancouver

Vancouver Magazine has ranked Vancouver’s best and worst neighbourhoods, based on several factors, and affordability was top of mind. Thus the Downtown Eastside (DTES), an area that has been called Canada’s poorest neighbourhood, scored 48.7, a higher rating than the pricy Westside areas of Kerrisdale (46) and Dunbar (44.3).

  1. False Creek

Score: 56.8

Population: 5,795

There should be little doubt that the communities that were built along False Creek in the last two decades, from Yaletown on the north side to the Olympic Village on the south shore, are resounding successes. But there should be even less doubt that they owe much of their existence to the community that came before them.

False Creek South, with its artful mixture of mixed-income residential, people-friendly retail and abundant green spaces, is the personification of what urban theorist Jane Jacobs thought an urban community should be. And yet, this ranking will come as a surprise to some people, given that False Creek South tends to sit in the shadows of the towers to its north and east. But it’s time to give False Creek South its rightful place in the sun.

Affordable: 66.9 | Low Crime: 62.7 | Economy: 66.0 | Diversity: 35.6 | Restaurants: 49.1 | Kids: 40.0 | Commute: 68.6 | Singles: 32.0 | Smart and Engaged: 66.4 | Green Space: 62.0 | Stable: 54.1

  1. West End

Score: 56.6

Population: 39,910

The West End absolutely crushes it when it comes to affordability, low levels of property crime, and access to green space, Stanley Park, but gets edged by False Creek due to the fact that it’s an awfully difficult place to raise kids and one where there’s a lot of turnover. For singles and the childless, though, it might be a better bet than our overall winner.

Affordable: 71.7 | Low Crime: 81.2 | Economy: 50.6 | Diversity: 47.3 | Restaurants: 51.0 | Kids: 14.7 | Commute: 70.8 | Singles: 72.6 | Smart and Engaged: 53.7 | Green Space: 99.4 | Stable: 8.9

  1. Lynn Valley

Score: 55.7

Population: 25,500

No surprises here: Lynn Valley rates highly when it comes to green space, the economic clout of its residents, and the quality of its schools. Even less surprising? That it’s bad for singles and lacks diversity. Still, if you’re looking for an explicitly family-friendly neighbourhood, this might be your best bet. Just don’t delay, lest you get priced out by the West Van inheritance money that’s been pouring in of late.

Affordable: 52.1 | Low Crime: 78.7 | Economy: 78.8 | Diversity: 34.8 | Restaurants: 25.7 | Kids: 74.0 | Commute: 30.9 | Singles: 25.3 | Smart and Engaged: 47.9 | Green Space: 85.3 | Stable: 83.1

  1. Main St. (Riley Park)

Score: 55.4

Population: 21,800

Riley park is Vancouver’s Goldilocks neighbourhood: neither too strong nor too weak in any of the categories. It scores strongly on economic and cultural diversity, its population of smart and engaged residents, and its economic vitality, and misses the mark a bit in terms of property crime and the number of singles (and volume of opportunities for them to change that status). One amenity that wasn’t factored into our scoring: proximity to Nat Bailey Stadium, and the epic summer nights to which it routinely plays host.

Affordable: 59.0 | Low Crime: 37.7 | Economy: 76.5 | Diversity: 70.6 | Restaurants: 45.5 | Kids: 47.6 | Commute: 45.5 | Singles: 40.4 | Smart and Engaged: 60.0 | Green Space: 43.7 | Stable: 64.3

  1. Downtown

Score: 55.2

Population: 16,400

The idea of Downtown being an attractive place to live would have been a difficult one for previous generations to stomach. But no more, and no wonder. With a huge range of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to choose from (just look at that score), a lively social scene, and the city’s easiest commute, it’s an increasingly popular neighbourhood in which to live as well as work and play. As a result, you can bet that population figure is on its way up.

Affordable: 53.7 | Low Crime: 81.0 | Economy: 40.2 | Diversity: 68.7 | Restaurants: 99.9 | Kids: 18.0 | Commute: 82.7 | Singles: 98.4 | Smart and Engaged: 49.4 | Green Space: 17.7 | Stable: 10.9

  1. Olympic Village / Fairview

Score: 54.8

Population: 19,440

Remember when people were worried that the Olympic Village was going to be a failure? Those days are clearly behind it now, and with the gorgeous new BMO Theatre Centre joining a rapidly expanding roster of bars and restaurants and a booming craft beer scene, it’s safe to assume that even better ones are on the horizon for those who live in the Village.

Affordable: 62.3 | Low Crime: 61.2 | Economy: 69.2 | Diversity: 54.4 | Restaurants: 82.5 | Kids: 13.2 | Commute: 75.1 | Singles: 54.9 | Smart and Engaged: 76.5 | Green Space: 21.2 | Stable: 21.0

  1. UBC

Score: 54.5

Population: 19,440

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away – okay, the late 1990s – UBC was a sleepy community of students, professors, and academic staff living in a clutch of low-rise buildings. Today, it’s practically a city unto itself, with a growing number of residential towers and all the amenities to match. That drive towards density will kick into an even higher gear once the UBC subway extension finally gets built. For anyone using the 99 B-Line, that can’t happen soon enough.

Affordable: 50.6 | Low Crime: 80.1 | Economy: 9.8 | Diversity: 79.6 | Restaurants: 42.6 | Kids: 68.3 | Commute: 59.0 | Singles: 59.2 | Smart and Engaged: 41.2 | Green Space: 99.5 | Stable: 19.5

  1. Yaletown

Score: 54.3

Population: 11,585

Sure, the shape of Yaletown’s boundaries has changed a bit over the last decade or two. But can you blame developers for trying to tie their projects to the name – or buyers for wanting it as their home turf? After all, if you’re looking for a neighbourhood that personifies the best qualities of post-Expo Vancouver, it has to be Yaletown. Sure, it’s maligned in some quarters of the city. But we think that’s as much a function of jealousy as anything.

Affordable: 37.1 | Low Crime: 86.0 | Economy: 79.5 | Diversity: 60.1 | Restaurants: 75.3 | Kids: 32.6 | Commute: 62.6 | Singles: 44.8 | Smart and Engaged: 53.8 | Green Space: 51.2 | Stable: 40.6

  1. Kitsilano

Score: 54.1

Population: 43,195

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of Kits being ranked the 9th best neighbourhood in Vancouver would have been heresy. But it retains most of the traits that once made it the city’s most coveted ‘hood, from its educated and engaged citizens to its range of urban amenities and enduring socio-economic stability. It might even be getting short-changed a bit, given that its adjacency to some of the city’s best beaches isn’t part of our formula.

Affordable: 54.0 | Low Crime: 60.9 | Economy: 68.9 | Diversity: 39.3 | Restaurants: 57.5 | Kids: 48.2 | Commute: 68.6 | Singles: 65.9 | Smart and Engaged: 76.7 | Green Space: 32.1 | Stable: 24.8

  1. Killarney

Score: 54.0

Population: 33,885

The idea of a finding a starter home might seem about as likely as finding a unicorn for young Vancouver families today, but it’s not pure fantasy yet—not in  Killarney, anyways. With real estate prices that haven’t gone completely parabolic, a bit of green space, good schools, and lots of cultural and economic diversity, it’s a great option for young families that are still chasing the dream. Added bonus for those families? It’s just a short drive to the nearest IKEA.

Affordable: 74.0 | Low Crime: 56.1 | Economy: 47.5 | Diversity: 80.1 | Restaurants: 22.9 | Kids: 62.2 | Commute: 27.8 | Singles: 34.7 | Smart and Engaged: 25.1 | Green Space: 59.9 | Stable: 72.0

Here’s a video to learn more about some of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods:

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Surrey Moving Tips – Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist

Moving your house to or from Surrey, BC or elsewhere in Canada – how should you proceed?

The key is organization. Plan well your every step, consider the timing of it – i.e. when is the most convenient time for your move, and get on with it! If you have this approach, your moving will be smooth and it will be over quickly and on time.

Moving Guide and Tips - Surrey Movers

The checklist below is printable and should help you and guide you. It will give you the list with the most important steps to follow when you want to have your house moved.

Moving your House Step by Step:

  1. Contact Surrey moving company.

Getting a Surrey moving estimate is one way. Or you can look for a reliable Surrey mover in a different way – find one near you. There are lots of pros for using a professional Surrey moving company. That is one of the ways in which you can find out what moving costs to expect so you can plan your expenses.

You can also talk to your friends or relatives who moved before. Ask them which Surrey moving company they used and what was their impression of it.

  1. Get rid of everything you don’t want or need.

Otherwise you would have to pay for having it transported. Check everywhere – at every premise in your house (attic, basement, garage, etc). At the same time separate on one side expensive items like credit cars, jewels, or important paperwork. These should stay with you during moving. Take a look at the kitchen also. Use up the food in the fridge and freezer because you won’t be able to take it with you.

  1. If you have some electronics to move arrange for that in time. Some appliances require a special dissembling or have some set up to be done. Give more attention to your computer. Save a copy of its memory in case it gets damaged during transportation.
  1. Consider packing.

Are you packing by yourself? If so, arrange the purchasing of packing supplies. When you pack your boxes place heavier items in smaller ones and at the bottom. Lighter items can be moved in larger boxes and can be placed on top of heavier ones.

If a professional Surrey moving company is doing that for you – they know how to pack your belongings safely.

  1. Think about a moving insurance.

A house has a lot more than an apartment, and protecting it is important. Talk to your Surrey moving company you decide to hire about what moving insurance options it can offer you.

  1. Change your address when moving.

You might have a long list of companies and persons to contact – not just utilities, but you have to return books from the library, rented DVD’s, pick up things from the dry cleaners’, cancel any subscriptions, etc.

  1. Arrange your cleaning after you move out of your old home and the cleaning of your new home before you move in it. You can arrange it yourself or have an expert cleaning company do it for you.
  2. Prepare for your moving day.

Make sure the movers have your contacts – your phone, new address and a floor plan will also be of use to them. Arrange all boxes to be moved by the door so that when the movers come they can start loading the truck immediately. This can save about half an hour of your movers’ time and thus – save you money.

  1. Think about your kids and pets, if you have any – and who will take care of them on the day of your moving. You can leave them at your parents’ place or with close friends.
  2. On your moving day – make sure all your utilities are disconnected. The same goes true for your new house, too. Once you enter check if everything is working properly and if all utilities are connected.
  3. Relax and enjoy! Moving requires a lot of arrangements but at the same time it is a new start, especially if you are moving due to a job opportunity. New opportunities are ahead of you and this is a chance for a new beginning.

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Maple Ridge Moving Tips – How to Pack Your TV for Moving

TV is one of the items which can be easily damaged, and is fragile, susceptible to being scratched and broken easily, especially if it is a flat screen TV we are talking about (LCD, LED).


How to Move a TV Set Safely - Maple Ridge Movers


Bigger TV’s are heavier and more difficult to lift. This means that you should plan well how to pack your flat screen TV in order to have it safely moved to your new home, when moving to or from Maple Ridge, BC or elsewhere in Canada.

This guide with 12 steps will help you have your TV set packed well for your relocation.

  1. Prepare your TV for packing: turn it off, unplug the cable from the electricity system and clean it from the dust. Fold the cables and secure them with a strap. You can wrap them in a towel and later place them inside the box with the TV itself.
  2. Wrap your TV up with towels or other cloth for protection from scratching. After that if you are moving your TV in a box use a lot of bubble wrap around it and then tape it.
  3. When it comes to picking the right box it is always best to use the original in which your TV came. If not, look for other options to get yourself the right sized box – for example you can ask your Maple Ridge movers if they have one.
  4. When securing a TV in a box you can also use a cardboard cover or towels in front of the screen itself and styrofoam inside the rest of the box. Then write on the box “Fragile. TV” and continue with loading it inside the moving truck.
  5. If you want your TV to be really well secured and packed you can request from your Maple Ridge moving company a specially made wooden crate. It is efficient and very handy when it comes to long distance moves.
  6. If you are moving your TV without a box wrap it with moving blankets, then with bubble wrap and in the truck place the TV on something soft: mattresses, a sofa or an armchair so that during transportation they will add up cushioning.
  7. If your TV is large and you are worried it may get damaged, call a moving company and ask what will the price for packing and transporting be.
  8. Around your TV arrange soft items like bags with clothes or the plushy toys of the kids.
  9. Always place your TV right – if you put it down on its side or on its back it may damage. If you have packed your TV in a box – the box should be standing upright in the truck as well.
  10. During packing and moving try to keep your TV away from strong sunlight, as high temperatures and damp environment (all kinds of moisture like rain for example). This is especially important if you haven’t packed your TV in a box. In this case if it rains on moving day put around it extra blankets and take them off when the TV is already in the truck: if the blankets get wet they can leave some moist on your TV so remove them and then arrange your TV amongst your other items to be moved.
  11. When you arrive at your new home and unpack your TV, leave it a few hours to adapt to the inside temperature before turning it on.
  12. For additional protection of your TV during moving you can always ask your Maple Ridge mover about insuring it. It definitely won’t be much money and you will feel better by having one.

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Richmond Moving Tips – How to Handle Problems With Moving to a New Home

Once you decide to move to a new home in Richmond, BC or elsewhere in Canada you should start preparing for your move. Changing the location of your living could be rather stressful so don’t hesitate to take some action to make your moving easier.

Moving to a New Home - Movers Richmond BC

Even though you may be feeling ready for your move, things could go out of your control and you might encounter problems with moving. Here are some tips to help you handle such problems.

Make a list with your moving problems

If this is your first time moving out, you have problems with moving to your new home or you are not sure where to start your preparation begin by making a list of all the things you need to do to start solving your moving problems. Then arrange them in a chronological order and decide which step on which position will be in your list and organize their implementation.

Packing Problems

Prepare yourself with the packing supplies you’ll need. You might find that some materials are important to have and cannot be replaced with anything you have at hand, like bubble wrap for your fragile items.

Keep in mind that if you decide to use a full service Richmond moving company, packing will be essential part of your overall moving cost. So doing the packing job by yourself will significantly reduce the overall price.

Physical or Furniture Damage Problems with Moving

While moving your stuff out of your old home to your new one, be prepared with a first aid kit. Not being careful when carrying your things could cause a physical injury. In the unlike event of it happening, make sure you have what you need.

Also beware of how you are handling your furniture – some of it could be more easily damaged like the legs of the chairs. Properly packing all your expensive furniture with furniture pads and blankets will ensure their damage free relocation. Pay special attention on how you pack your computer or other electronics for moving.

Time Problems with Moving

If you don’t have much time to do your moving to your new home read on licensed Richmond moving companies. Relying on the experts to assist you in solving your moving problems will relief a lot of stress off of you. You can move safely with a moving company in Richmond – prepare yourself with the common hidden moving costs and fees and acquaint yourself with the average moving rates.

Money Problems when Moving

You can cut moving costs and expenses effectively and think about finding cheap Richmond movers online. You can also receive assistance with choosing a Richmond moving company. Check on accredited Richmond moving companies as well.

Now that you know more details and what to beware of in relation to Richmond moving companies you may decide to take this step. Make a list of the inventory in your house and contact the experts. How much will it cost?

Keep Your Valuables with Yourself

Important documents like birth certificates and contracts, jewelery, credit cards, bills, medicines – even if you chose a trustworthy moving company have these with yourself to prevent losing them. Another reason to follow this moving tip is that you might also be needing them during the moving process.

Take an appropriate box or bag, place all important things there and keep it at a place that is safe and easy for you to reach when necessary. This is one of the ways in which you can avoid moving problems during your relocation.

Take a side look on your problems with moving

If you have moving problems make a plan on moving in your new home in advance. Consult your Richmond moving company for possible solutions.

Contact your closest friends and relatives and ask them to share with you their moving problems experience.


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North Vancouver Moving Tips – How to Pack A Computer For Moving

When moving to or from North Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada, you will most likely be interested in learning how to pack your computer for moving so that this fragile piece of equipment reaches your new home safely.

How to Safely Move a Computer - Movers North Vancouver

We prepared some tips below for packing a computer quickly, efficiently and safely.

Computer packing supplies

The appropriate packing materials are an essential part of the computer’s moving process – gather them in advance to avoid having to interrupt the packing process to get more.

  • Computer packing boxes

Although you probably didn’t keep those boxes, so it’s a good idea to ask your friends if they have one or two of those special thick-walled boxes where your computer equipment will be the most protected. If you work in an office, you might want to ask the IT person if he or she could spare a few computer boxes.

  • Bubble wrap + packing paper

Get multiple sheets of bubble wrap and packing paper to keep your computer as protected as possible. Get in touch with a local North Vancouver moving company or visit a local Home Depot store or an office supply store to purchase the required amounts.

  • Styrofoam inserts or peanuts

You can use other alternative cushioning materials as well – they just need to be soft enough in order to provide the necessary protection by absorbing vibrations or negating direct hits that could happen on the road to your new home. Materials like towels, pieces of old clothing or blankets should work.

  • Packing tape

Make sure the packing tape you purchase is good quality one because you will be using it not only to close up their lids, but to reinforce the sides and seams of the computer packing boxes as well.

  • Sealable plastic bags

Use such bags for keeping safe the smaller computer parts such as screws you may have unscrewed or other tiny elements that can be lost easily during your moving.

How to prepare your desktop computer for a move

Step 1: Back-up your data.

Step 2: Measure up your computer.

Step 3: Remove the cables and cords.

Step 4: Do not disassemble your computer.

How to pack a desktop computer for moving

Step 1. Turn off your desktop computer.

Step 2. Disconnect the power cord from the mains.

Step 3. Place a few layers of bubble wrap on the bottom of the computer shipping box to serve as a large initial cushion.

Step 4. Wrap the disconnected computer tower with large sheets of soft packing paper and secure the newly-formed edges with tape.

Step 5. Repeat the previous step but this time, use bubble wrap to get that extra protection you’re looking for.

Step 6. Use small amount of packing tape on strategic spots to keep the entire bundle from unwrapping. Never use tape directly onto the surface of the computer tower.

Step 7. It’s time to place the wrapped-up PC tower into the awaiting cardboard container. Make sure you position it upright in the box.

Step 8. Once the computer tower is in the box, don’t forget to fill in any gaps with whatever cushioning supplies you have available at the time – pieces of bubble wrap, crumpled pieces of newsprint, pieces of old clothing, towels etc.

Step 9. Do a little test to see if you’ve managed to immobilize the computer tower well enough inside its temporary home for the next few days. Here’s what you do: lift the box and shake it very gently.

Step 10. Finally, tape the lids shut and label the box: DESKTOP COMPUTER, FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE.

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