Managing Items you Won’t Need when Moving

As you start packing for moving, you might find a lot of goods in your house that are useless and you won’t be moving them to your new place of residence. Some of such items include old toys, unused dressing tables and even old TV sets.

If you plan to buy new items for your new home, then make sure you make a list of stuff that you won’t be using at your new place. Once you made this list, start deciding on what you can do with all the unwanted stuff.

Here are three tips that will help you in dealing with the stuff that you won’t need anymore.

Managing Unwanted Items - Canadian Movers

1. Reward your friends for their help

It is obvious that moving requires additional set of hands for packing, and this is where your friends will be of the highest value.

Many packing companies do provide packing services, but you will still have to pack some of your belongings if you want to keep your expenses low. If there are some valuable items that you do not need anymore – let your friends about them. So in return of those items you can ask your friends to help you with packing.

2. Start selling

Selling can be a challenge but it will make you some extra cash.

Identify the items that you won’t need anymore and make a list of them at least one month before moving. Once the list is ready, start listing the advertisements on eBay and Craigslist. Making extra money is always nice and it will also relieve you from packing unwanted items.

3. Charity

You can always find charity organizations near your place. Notify those organizations a week or two before your moving day and tell them what items you’d like to donate. This is a great opportunity to help the community by giving something back, and it will also lift some burden off your shoulders.

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Important Arrangements Before Your Move

It is always best to plan out moving early in advance of your moving day and make all the necessary arrangements to prevent any unexpected issues.

Here are some tips that might help you in minimizing trouble on your moving day.

1. Book the elevator

If you live in an apartment building, you will need to book the elevator beforehand. Put a notice on the elevator two days before your moving day that notifies other residents about your moving plans. It is always nice to notify neighbors about the potential hassle you might be causing during your move. Mention the time of moving as well, so that you can use the elevator exclusively during the mentioned time.

Real Canadian Movers - Moving Arrangements

2. Find a good parking spot

Some buildings have special openings to the building that are used for moving. You can easily park the moving vehicle there and get all your belongings loaded.

The local council can be of great help here if you want to reserve an exclusive parking spot nearby. Sometimes the councilmen are kind enough to place “No Parking” signs near the buildings, which would greatly assist you in moving. If the council or local police cannot be of any assistance, then make sure you find a good parking spot beforehand in order to avoid road blockage caused by your vehicle.

This rule of finding the parking spot also applies to when you reach your new residence. Make sure you know the closest parking spots to your residence so that unloading of your items can be done easily.

3. Additional things you might need

It is always good to have some helpful items handy, such as ladders and tool boxes. These items are quite essential for packing and moving and will help in making your move smooth.

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How to Communicate Effectively with your Moving Company

If you are using services of a professional moving company for your relocation, it’s essential that you establish effective communication process with your moving company. Most moving companies aim at making the transition of their clients to a new place in a smooth way and in order for this to happen it is important that the company and clients have effective communication.

Communicate with Moving Company - Movers Canada

Communication is important because this is how representatives of moving companies convey the pricing of their moving services to their clients. The representatives not only convey the pricing but they are also great in giving advice and suggestions in preparing for the move.

Once you have accepted to have services from a company, the company will be sending you some information that will be essential for your moving. So make sure that the moving company has your updated contact details. Such contact details should include your address, phone number and even email address.

There are some companies that offer their clients the luxury of having a personal moving coordinator. If you are lucky enough to have a moving coordinator, then most of your problems will be solved smoothly as such coordinators will take care of your move management and logistics. The coordinator will be handling your moving process and you will have to remain in contact with them to solve any problems.

Once your belongings are packed, all the packed items will be loaded on a van or a moving truck and from there on the van operator will be responsible for the move, delivering your items to your new place. It is important to have their contact details so you can track where exactly your belongings are and what the moving progress is.

Finally, even when you have moved to your new place, it is important to update your moving company with your new contact details in case there are any of your items left to be delivered to you.

If you’d like more advice on how best to plan your local or long distance move, Click Here to get in touch with one of our representatives who can answer your moving questions and take away the stress of your move.

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How to Use Wardrobe Boxes for Moving

If you want to take care of your clothes and prevent any damage while moving then you should get wardrobe boxes. Such boxes are specially designed for hanging clothes in a closet.

Moving clothes can be a challenge. Folding clothes to fit in a suitcase is time consuming and wardrobe boxes can really help you with that. Such boxes are just a small version of closets. If you have a closet full of clothes then you might need couple wardrobe boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes for Moving - Moving Clothes

Wardrobe boxes can be used not only for clothes, but also for packing bulky lightweight items such as blankets and pillows. If you have hired a moving company, ask them about the dimensions of wardrobe boxes that they will be using. Once you know the dimensions, open your closet and try to estimate the how many boxes will be required to pack and move your clothes.


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Tips for Packing Mattresses

As you move to your new place of residence, you will start realizing how important are mattresses.

After a long day of moving you will require a calm and comfortable sleep and this is where mattresses will assist you. If you do not pack the mattresses appropriately before moving you might get them stained or even damaged.

Mattress Packing & Moving Tips Toronto - Movers Toronto

Packing Materials Required

Packing a mattress is rather a tricky task. Here are some materials that will be required to pack a mattress:

  • Cartons that can pack mattresses
  • Plastic bags or sheet to cover mattresses
  • Moving pads
  • Other accessories such as tape and markers


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