Containerized Moving – Real Canadian Movers can provide you with a shipping container to assist with your move. Using a shipping container instead of a moving van offers some unique and advantageous benefits compared to transporting your belongings by van, primarily more flexible delivery options, such as expedited and delayed delivery dates.

Containerized Moving
Oftentimes, move dates between locations do not line up as nicely as one hopes, and the prospect of having to unload all of one’s belongings into storage only to reload it a week later can seem very daunting. Containerized moving is particularly beneficial in these circumstances due to it effectively doubling as short-term storage for up to 90 days.
Real Canadian Movers containerized shipping services take out the middle-man to ensure your possessions stay in one spot for the duration of the move. We can also offer an exclusive use option which guarantees that the contents of your container are kept separate from other shipments.
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