How to Pack Your Appliances for Moving in Greater Vancouver BC

How to Pack Your Appliances for Moving in Greater Vancouver BC

Moving to a new place of residence in Greater Vancouver BC does not mean that you won’t need your old appliances anymore. Preparation for packing of your appliances is also significant in the moving process.

For a start, appliances can be divided into two main categories: Major and Small appliances. Packing of both types of appliances will be a bit different because of their sizes.

Packing Major Appliances

As mentioned before, preparation for packing is quite important for moving major appliances. You can use the help of an expert or a technician who can advise you over packing and moving of the major appliances. Such major appliances include washing machines and standby generators which might fail to fit into a moving van. Due to the size of such appliances you might have to choose the option of shipping them separately. An expert technician will guide you in preparing your major appliances for shipment.

If you hired a professional Canadian moving company for your moving, then you can request them to appoint a coordinator to oversee the shipment of your major appliances. Such appliances are quite valuable and you should be handled carefully to avoid any damage.

Packing Small Appliances

The small appliances include radios, microwaves, digital clocks etc. Since these appliances are smaller in size, they can easily fit in a moving box or a carton. The right way of packing such appliances is by wrapping them in packing paper or a piece of cloth individually and then putting them together into one box. You can also use bubble wrap them for extra padding. Appliances of similar nature should be placed into the same boxes for sorting purposes. If there are any cords with the appliances – wrap them as well or cover them in plastic sheet so they do not scratch anything.

Once the small appliances are packed in a moving box, fill the empty spaces in the box with foam or packing paper for added protection.


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