Managing Items you Won’t Need when Moving in Greater Vancouver BC

As you start packing for moving in Greater Vancouver BC, you might find a lot of goods in your house that are useless and you won’t be moving them to your new place of residence. Some of such items include old toys, unused dressing tables and even old TV sets.

If you plan to buy new items for your new home, then make sure you make a list of stuff that you won’t be using at your new place. Once you made this list, start deciding on what you can do with all the unwanted stuff.

Here are three tips that will help you in dealing with the stuff that you won’t need anymore.

Managing Unwanted Items - Canadian Movers

1. Reward your friends for their help

It is obvious that moving requires additional set of hands for packing, and this is where your friends will be of the highest value.

Many packing companies do provide packing services, but you will still have to pack some of your belongings if you want to keep your expenses low. If there are some valuable items that you do not need anymore – let your friends about them. So in return of those items you can ask your friends to help you with packing.

2. Start selling

Selling can be a challenge but it will make you some extra cash.

Identify the items that you won’t need anymore and make a list of them at least one month before moving. Once the list is ready, start listing the advertisements on eBay and Craigslist. Making extra money is always nice and it will also relieve you from packing unwanted items.

3. Charity

You can always find charity organizations near your place. Notify those organizations a week or two before your moving day and tell them what items you’d like to donate. This is a great opportunity to help the community by giving something back, and it will also lift some burden off your shoulders.


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