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We offer residential and commercial moving and storage services, local and long distance moving services, containerized moving services from province to province within Canada with fixed pricing, cross border US moving services, packing and unpacking services, piano and oversized items moving services.

Local Moving Services

Local Moving Services Canada - Local Movers Canada


Real Canadian Movers has years of experience providing reliable local moving services in Canada. Our crew is professionally trained to handle any size of move including but not limited to moving items of various shapes and sizes, including pianos, bathtubs and fragile items. Real Canadian Movers offers a competitive pricing for local moving services. Our local moving services are usually priced on an hourly or fixed rate basis. CLICK HERE to learn more about our local moving services.


Long Distance Moving Services

Long Distance Movers Canada - Long Distance Moving Services Canada


Real Canadian Movers offers reliable long distance moving services across Canada and to and from the US. Whether you are moving from Vancouver to Toronto, or moving back from Toronto to Vancouver or elsewhere in Canada, Real Canadian Movers can help. We have trucks running across Canada almost every week of the month, and there is no reason why we can’t service any long distance move in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. CLICK HERE to learn more about our long distance moving services.


Office Moving Services

Office Movers Canada - Ofice Moving Services Canada

Real Canadian Movers also provides office moving services to and from Canada and the US. Moving the contents of an office space, especially over long distances, is a delicate process requiring careful planning, coordination and finesse. Real Canadian Movers endeavours to provide you with all of those when moving your office. Our movers are specialized in executing stress-free office relocations with minimal down time. CLICK HERE to learn more about our office moving services.


Containerized Moving Services

Containerized Movers Canada - Containerized Moving Services Canada

Real Canadian Movers can provide you with a shipping container to double as storage for your move. Oftentimes, move dates between locations do not line up as nicely as one hopes, and the prospect of having to unload all of one’s belongings into storage only to unload it a week later can seem very daunting. Real Canadian Movers’ containerized shipping services take out the middle-man to ensure your possessions stay in one spot for the duration of the move. CLICK HERE to find out more about our containerized moving services.


Piano Moving Services

Piano Moving Services Canada

Moving a piano does not just require bigger and bulkier movers, it also requires certain techniques and tools. Above all, experience will play the main role when it comes to moving pianos. Real Canadian Movers has the experience of moving pianos of all shapes and sizes, and yours will be no exception. We will first wrap your piano to avoid any scratching, then use a padded piano skid to slide the piano along the floor for protection of both piano and the floor. We will also use a padded dolly for longer distance movement of your piano within the property, and a ramp to load it onto a truck. CLICK HERE to find out more about our piano moving services. 


Cross Border Moving Services

Cross Border Moving Services Canada & USA

Moving between countries is a complicated process. On top of the potential distance one needs to move, a whole host of different regulations await them across the border, and a small mistake in how one packs or labels their items could cause a massive hassle down the line. Real Canadian Movers takes the liberty of helping you through the necessary steps of preparing documentation, as well as dealing with customs at the border. CLICK HERE to find out more about moving cross border to or from the US with Real Canadian Movers.


Storage Services

Storage Services Canada - Storage Facilities Canada

Real Canadian Movers provides flexible and affordable storage options across Canada. Our storage units are safe and secure and provide year round storage services to fit your needs. We offer a variety of storage solutions, including secure self-storage lockers and automobile storage. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes, so our customers can pick the option best suited to their needs. Whether you’re storing the contents of a closet or everything in your four bedroom home, we’ve got the right storage solution for you. Our storage solutions are always flexible, so if you need to adjust the size of your storage – just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you. CLICK HERE to find out more about our storage services.


Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing and Unpacking Services Canada


Leave all the preparation of your move to professional movers. Trust Real Canadian Movers to take care of packing and unpacking fragile and oversized items for maximum safety and efficiency. Real Canadian Movers has been offering packing, unpacking and moving services for many years, and we are extremely experienced and capable of completing every aspect of moving with maximum professionalism and efficiency. CLICK HERE to find out more about our packing and unpacking services.