Planning Your Move in or From Vancouver BC

It’s time to move again and you are already planning for it.  It’s always a good idea to get a jumpstart on planning if you are thinking about moving from Vancouver to anywhere else in Canada.

Moving to Vancouver BC - Best Movers Vancouver BC

Leaving all the preparation for the move date is a sure-fire way to create unnecessary stress and complications. Here are several essential tips to keep in mind when planning your move in or from Vancouver.

Plan ahead:

We cannot stress enough the importance of advance planning for moving. Making preparations in advance is the most important thing to do when moving, and can figure into the other tips we will discuss.

Knowing the exact day of your move, how long the trip will be and what supplies are needed while in transit, especially if you are moving long distance, are vital things to know. It is always a good idea to plain in advance and figure out all the details well in advance for every important event in life and moving is no exception.

Find the right moving company:

Advance planning of your local or long distance move will give you a significant advantage over finding and securing reliable and experienced movers in Vancouver. Having an early start on booking your movers will give you a better chance of booking for movers to the move date that suits your needs best.

Finding the right moving company for the scale and distance of your job before the best movers are all booked up for the mid-month and month-ends  is one of the best ways to ensure a stress free move. Plus it gives you plenty of time to iron out any logistics you may need to go over with your mover, such as dates, items that require special attention like pianos, estimates, possibility of storage and whatever else needs to be dealt with before you can get started with the actual moving process.

Figure out what you need and what you don’t:

This is one of the best tips to start early on, as it inevitably lightens the load of your move, which makes everything go quicker, and saves you money. Oftentimes, certain items are simply too old or cumbersome to keep with you throughout the move and can cause many problems down the road, such as weight, storage space. Awkwardly shaped possessions, like art, can be especially problematic when moving as well, and there are certain moving companies who will flat out refuse to deal with certain items.

Arranging a safe home for these goods, either through a friend or relative, or through a classified’s service like Craigslist are good ways to deal with these more difficult possessions.

While these are all great points to keep in mind, planning your move isn’t just limited to what was discussed in this article.


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