Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: Staying Focused While Getting Ready For A Move

Getting ready for a move in Metro Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada is a complex process that includes a series of important tasks to be completed so that the entire move ends up being successful. Yes, it is perfectly doable.

Staying Focused While Moving - Metro Vancouver Movers

The trick to staying focused while getting ready for your upcoming move is to conquer the following three preparation stages: discovering your purpose, managing your time properly and keeping your motivation throughout the entire process.

Discover your purpose

Every action on your part should have a reasonable and meaningful purpose attached to it. Ask yourself, “Why? Why am I doing this? Why is it important for me? What benefits will it bring?”. Often, when performing a certain task, you won’t be able to maintain your focus simply because you don’t see clearly or understand completely the purpose of the action itself. Find your purpose and you’ll find your focus.

Set mini goals

Once you determine your general purpose, it’s time to break it down into smaller elements, i.e. mini goals. What’s the goal of packing your household belongings? So that they get conveniently loaded and safely transported to my new home. What’s the goal of marking and labeling your packed boxes? So that they can be easily identified when unloading and unpacking, and carried into the appropriate rooms.

Manage your time

Knowing how to properly manage your time is a great skill to have and it’s proven to be hugely beneficial in all aspects of life. If you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want or need, follow these steps to improve your time management abilities.

Begin the moving preparations by compiling a detailed to-do list specifically tailored to your moving needs (aka a moving timeline or moving calendar). You should initiate the usage of such a calendar right after you learn of your impending relocation – preferably at least 8 full weeks before moving day. This way, you’ll start each week with a clear idea of what tasks lay ahead for the entire week and these short-term goals will hopefully make you feel more focused and motivated to stay on the right track. Each time you cross out a task as done, you will feel like you’re making progress and that you’re moving in the right direction.


Forget about multitasking

Even though the idea of accomplishing several tasks at once does seem pretty tempting, practice has demonstrated that any attempts to implement it would only slow you down. Why? Because, unlike computers, human brains are not designed to handle multi-tasking and as a result, your focus will only switch back and forth between the two tasks, never fully able to concentrate on any of them.

If you really want to get things done quickly, you need to learn to maintain your focus for extended periods of time. You can start by giving all your attention to one task for 30 minutes without any interruptions or distractions.

Insert rewarding breaks

Prolonged periods of concentration accelerate the overall feeling of fatigue, so remember to take deserving breaks from work. 10 minutes for each hour of hard work (or 5 minutes every 30 minutes) is a reasonable break and you can use that time to either reward yourself with activities which you enjoy (listening to music, checking your e-mail or Facebook account, making a phone call, having a quick snack, etc.) or close your eyes for a quick rest to gather your strength back.

Avoid procrastinating

Procrastination is a masterful thief of valuable time. But every time you get a strong urge to put off the task at hand for later in the day or tomorrow and indulge yourself in fun activities, revisit your purpose again and recite it out loud. Repeat to yourself that staying focused and finishing the work ahead of schedule will allow you to dedicate more free time for all the things you love to do plus a pleasurable bonus – the satisfaction of a job well done.

Eliminate distractions

Distractions are like hired assassins who come after your focus with deadly intentions. And your best defense against the intruders is to learn how to fend them off. Ringing phones, playful kids or pets, nosy neighbors, loud TV, etc. are only a handful of distracting elements that can throw you off your work rhythm and considerably slow you down. Distracting thoughts that tempt you to do something more enjoyable are also real threats to your work concentration.

At first, maintaining your concentration during the moving preparations may seem tough but success is highly attainable through observation of the above-mentioned tips. It takes nothing more than willpower, self-discipline and dedication to accomplish all the tasks in your specialized moving timeline and thus be ready for a perfect move.


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