Supplies Needed for Packing Your Stuff for Moving in Vancouver BC

Once you finished preparing your packing list with all the items that will be moved, you should move on to preparing supplies that are required to pack the items.

Packing supplies can be easily purchased from a local retailer, a supermarket or even a store that sells office supplies. Compare prices between the competitor stores to get the best deal.

Below are some of the supplies and accessories that will be required for packing before moving:

Moving Boxes and Cartons

If the grocery stores and retailers located near your house are kind enough, they will give you some boxes and cartons for free. Make sure you alert them a week before you will need the boxes, so that they start collecting the boxes and keep them aside for you. Also, tell the stores how many boxes you will need.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an important supply for packing and moving. Not only it is always fun to play with bubble wrap while packing your stuff, but it will is also quite important to be used since it protects fragile items from damage.

Hundred feet of bubble wrap is usually enough for moving, but you should still make a rough estimate of your requirement. It will be used to wrap all electronic items and even some of the dishes.

Marker and Tape

A permanent market will be used to mark all the boxes and cartons and will help in better identification of the boxes. Use the marker to mark boxes with fragile items inside and write “Fragile” on them. This will alert the movers to take more care when handling them.

Tape will help you in sealing off the boxes so that your items don’t fall out during the loading and unloading process.


These are little soft pieces that fill up empty spaces in the moving boxes. It is ideal to fill foam in boxes that contain dishes and glassware so that such fragile items do not bang onto each other and get damaged.

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