Survival Kit for Your Vancouver Moving Day

We know that moving day is stressful time for everyone in the family. Preparing your moving day survival kit can make your moving day go smoothly and take much stress out of your next move. You will not have to search through boxes to find needed items and will be able to concentrate on unpacking things and settle in your new home in Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada.

Moving Day Survival Kit - Vancouver Movers

Moving Day Survival Kit Defined

Moving day survival kit is a box or a bag you need to pack for your move and keep it aside. It needs to stay with you to make sure all the things stored in it are available when you require them. It must contain essential things that you will require every day.

What to Put in Your Moving Day Survival Kit

  • Medications

You must put all your medications in the moving-day survival kit, especially the ones you need every day.

  • Towels and Toiletries

You need to have toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, deodorant, shampoo shower towels and a razor handy for the initial days of your move into your new home.

  • Coffee, mugs etc.

A moving-day survival kit helps you to make your stay in your new home easier for several days after the move. So, you need to pack coffee, mugs and a coffee maker in your survival kit to help you stay fresh during the process of unpacking and organizing your home. If you love tea, then don’t forget to include instant tea and a kettle in your survival kit.

  • Bottled water and Ready-to-eat Snacks

If you cannot get a meal on your moving day, then you need to have some ready-to-eat snacks with you in your moving-day survival kit.

  • Dishes and Cookware

Until your new kitchen gets running, you need to have some basic essentials like cups, plates, pans and pots in your moving-day survival kit.

  • Mobile Phone Charger

You must have a mobile phone charger and a power strip for plugging in items like a laptops, lamps etc.

  • Screwdriver and Other Tools

You will need some basic tools like screwdrivers, drill and hammer for putting your furniture together in your new home. You should also pack a torch, scissors, a utility knife and a PVC tape and keep these tools handy in a moving-day survival kit.

  • Trash Bags

You will require clear recycling bags and trash bags to recycle your packing materials including tissue paper, bubble wraps and your boxes.

  • Bandages 

Paper soap, paper towels and a box of bandages is what you must include in your survival kit for moving.

  • Linens, Blankets and Pillows 

To make sleeping cozy and comfortable for everyone in your family, it is good to set aside a couple of bed linens, blankets and pillows. It will help you at nights when you have not finished unpacking your bedding.

  • Change of Clothes for Family

You also need to have a few pairs of clothes for all family members during the initial days after your move to your new home.

  • Flashlight

Pack a flashlight along with a couple of light bulbs, a few extra batteries and a nightlight. Keep them handy in your new home.

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