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Burnaby Moving Tips – Burnaby Movers FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions when Moving

Moving is always very challenging time, and to make it through you have to stay focused, well organized and know what to do. The key is organization.

We prepared a list of major questions you will ask yourself when you are planning to move to of from Burnaby, BC or elsewhere in Canada.

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And of course the first question you want to ask yourself is if you want to hire a professional Burnaby moving company or make the move by yourself. And whether you decided to hire the help of professional Burnaby moving service or not, there are still other frequently asked questions you will need answered.

What is the best time to move?

Most people consider summer as the best time to move. Although summer is the busiest season for most Burnaby movers. Most people choose to relocate in the summer because of the favorable weather conditions. Therefore, consider moving in off peak season: the winter and late fall months. Or if you have to move in the summer try to schedule your move for the middle of the month when it’s not that busy and moving rates are lower.

How long in advance should I contact movers?

This is one of the most frequently asked moving questions. Often you don’t know when exactly you will move and thus you can’t schedule your move in advance. It is best though if you can start contacting reliable Burnaby movers at least a month in advance. The earlier the better because then you will have the time to research a few Burnaby moving companies and schedule your move for the desired day.

What is a moving estimate and how many should I get?

A moving estimate is an educated estimation of the approximate cost of your moving. This educated guess is based on your inventory, your Burnaby movers’ rates and their experience performing the same type of moves – local in Burnaby, BC or long distance across Canada. It is best that you get at least three moving estimates because that way you can compare Burnaby moving companies and services rates.

How do I know if my movers are licensed and insured?

You can easily check if your Burnaby movers are licensed and insured. This information should be available on the Burnaby movers’ website, advertising materials and trucks. Whenever you call a moving company in Burnaby, you can ask them for their license numbers and then verify them with the local authority.

How long will it take to move my home?

Every move is different and the time to complete it varies a lot. It usually depends on the size of your home, the quantity and weight of your household items and the distance traveled. If you are moving a one bedroom, it may take up to three hours to pack, load and move locally in Burnaby.

If you are moving long distance elsewhere in Canada, depending on the size of your home packing and loading will vary and it may take up to two weeks to deliver your items. So, the time required to move your home will depends largely on the type of your move and the size of your home. There are some factors like the distance from your front door to the moving truck that can additionally increase the moving time for local moves.

How much will my move cost?

This question again depends on the size of your move and the moving services you require. The best way to see how much your moving will cost is to get a free moving estimate. Most Burnaby movers offer free online or over the phone estimates.

For local moves you can even get an in-house estimate, which will give you the most accurate assessment. Thus, begin by contacting Burnaby movers and be sure to tell them about every little piece intended for moving.

How and when do I pay the movers?

Question for movers about how and when to pay are some of the most important for many of us. Moving is not cheap service and thus you have to be aware of the moving charges. Burnaby moving company you end up hiring will give you all the details on how you can pay and if they require deposit. Most reliable Burnaby moving companies accept most credit cards, money orders or bank checks and some even work with PayPal.

Usually there is an initial charge (moving deposit) when you book your move and then when your goods are delivered, before your Burnaby movers start unloading you have to pay the rest. Stay away from Burnaby  moving companies that require foot big deposits in advance.


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