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Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: City To City Moving

The success to an effortless city to city moving in Metro Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada lies in two fundamental things: finding a reputable trustworthy Metro Vancouver moving company and preparing adequately for the relocation yourself. And if these two essential prerequisites are fulfilled, then the chances of things going wrong become very slim.

Metro Vancouver Movers - City To City Moving

How to find an experienced city to city Metro Vancouver mover?

Finding a reputable moving company in Metro Vancouver that is right for you is arguably the single most important step in the relocation process. It will guarantee you a trouble-free move that fits within your allocated budget.

Dedicate some of your time to reading users’ reviews of the Metro Vancouver relocation companies – this way you can get an overall idea of whether a certain mover can be trusted or not. Finding a reputable city to city Metro Vancouver mover is arguably the single most important step in the relocation process.

Make sure the Metro Vancouver moving companies you have selected are properly licensed and insured. The government keeps a concise electronic record of a mover’s identification, size, commodity information and safety information.

Also, it is a good idea to deal with Metro Vancouver movers that have been certified by The Better Business Bureau.

Visit the respective websites of the city to city Metro Vancouver movers you have shortlisted for any additional information that may be seal or break the deal, then contact them, and request in-house written moving cost estimates. Moving estimates can be either binding or non-binding, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Your future city to city Metro Vancouver moving company is obliged to provide you with a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. This booklet includes detailed information about your rights and responsibilities as an individual shipper of household items.

Also, the Metro Vancouver mover of your choice will prepare a contract (also known as Bill of Lading) for your particular move. It is your responsibility to read the contractual terms and conditions carefully and to make sure you understand them before you officially agree with them by placing your signature. If there are any clauses that you fail to understand, or in fact, anything that bothers you, ask your moving company for clarification. Caution: You should never sign blank documents.

Packing Supplies

Be sure to get clean boxes in good condition either for free from the nearby supermarket, or for a fee from your chosen Metro Vancouver moving company. The availability of boxes of assorted sizes with sturdy covers is a prerequisite for a successful packing experience. Besides good boxes, you will also need a lot of bubble wrap and heavy-duty tape. Also, you may put aside some of the boxes that seem unusable, cut them up in smaller pieces and use the corrugated fiberboard as cushioning or lining material.

Sorting system: In order to save plenty of time, you will need to devise a clever sorting system of all your household items. First, do an inventory of your entire house so that you’ll know what you are taking to your new home and what you are leaving behind. Start from the rooms you use the least, like guest bedrooms, basements and attics, so that you won’t clutter the areas of the home that you use on a daily basis.

And secondly, mark and label each box appropriately. Felt-tip pens are ideal for marking the boxes with valuable information such as its content and destination room, fragile or this side up.

Valuables: It’s of paramount importance to make sure all your valuable items (jewelry, debit or credit cards, cash, expensive electronic equipment, objects of great sentimental value, etc.) and important documents (passports, driver licenses, product warranties, insurance policies, receipts, etc.)

Excess stuff: It is a waste of money and time to move household goods that you surely won’t need anymore. Instead, having prepared a detailed list of all those unneeded items, you are presented with several options: throw away the broken-beyond-repair or too-old-to-be-reused stuff, sell all the items you think are still worth something (either posting them online or organizing a garage sale). Or, if you are willing to look beyond your immediate needs and decide to do something good for your community, then why not donate some of your personal items to charity?

Change of address notifications: There are many ways to notify your friends and relatives about the change of address – personal phone calls, text messages, email messages, posts on your social networks and so on. Moreover, you need to contact your bank, your post office and your utility companies (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and inform them that your address is about to change.

Children and pets: If you have young children, it’ll be best if you find someone to babysit them while you are busy with your preparations for the move. This way you won’t be constantly interrupted and they will not lose their usual routine. Your pets will probably feel the stress of moving too. Do whatever you can to make them feel more comfortable by giving them your extra attention, whenever you can, and by not leaving them alone for long periods of time.

Once your relocation from one city to another is complete and you’ve already settled comfortably in your new home, please don’t forget to write a review about your city to city Metro Vancouver mover. This way, by rating the relocation services of your moving company and by describing your hopefully positive relocation experience, you will definitely help other people make the right choice at the right time.

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