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Greater Vancouver Moving Tips: How to Save on Moving Costs

Even if you are hiring a professional Greater Vancouver moving company, you can keep save on some moving costs. We prepared some tips below to show you how:

Get binding estimates

Getting a moving estimate does not guarantee that the final bill will match the quoted price. Get a few moving estimates, but always ask for a binding estimate. In most cases, you can get such only when your Vancouver  moving company comes to do an in-house estimate. Only when a moving estimator sees all inventory intended for moving, they can give you a precise binding estimate. A binding estimate will help you stick to your budget.

How to Save on Moving Costs - Vancouver Movers

Survey your home and make a detailed inventory

If you can’t get an in-house estimate, you should make a detailed inventory of your household. In order for the final moving cost to be as quoted in the beginning you have to do that.

Sell or donate heavy and bulky items you don’t utilize

All of us have many of these old, large and heavy furniture pieces that we don’t even like. Get rid of those by donating or selling them. Have a garage sale or visit a local non-profit organization that accept such donations.

Get your boxes and packing materials

One of the most expensive aspects in a moving is packing and wrapping materials. By buying or renting your own moving supplies (or getting them for free), you can reduce your moving cost greatly.

Pack yourself, leave only the big furniture for the movers

Since you want to cut your moving costs to the minimum, pack as much as you can by yourself. By doing so you will greatly reduce the cost for packing supplies and mover’s labour and time that otherwise you would pay for.

Check about long carry fees

Measure the distance between your home and the street and ask the moving company about their long carry fee. They should explain beyond what distance is considered long carry and from what floor they count it as such.

Do you need extra insurance?

Haul items that are more valuable with you instead of paying for additional moving insurance because the basic liability usually never covers the actual value of the goods. Also, if you have bigger items you can’t take with you, ask your homeowners insurance if it covers the moving and transportation of your items.

Look for additional moving coupons and discounts

When hiring a Greater Vancouver moving company always ask for coupons and special discounts. Most Greater Vancouver moving companies will work with you when you tell them you are on a budget. They want your business and will offer various moving discounts based on moving dates and season.

Wait to share truck with another customer

Often when you are moving long distance, to or from Greater Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada, you may be offered a cheaper moving cost if you wait for the delivery. Waiting a little longer to share a truck with another customer will save you money.

Move in off peak season

Another great way to save on moving services is to choose to move in off peak season. This often means moving in the winter as most Greater Vancouver movers lower their rates as much as 30 percent. Moving in the fall or winter is one of the best ways to cut the moving costs if you want to hire a Greater Vancouver moving company.

Ask your employer for help

If your relocation is work related you should definitely ask your employer if they can take care of part of your moving costs. Most companies offer moving allowances or complete moving cost coverage to employees relocating by company request. There are many professional Greater Vancouver moving companies that specialize in employee relocation.

Find out about deductible moving expenses

After doing everything you could to save on Greater Vancouver moving services, find out what moving expenses you can deduct from your taxes at the end of the year. Keep all your receipts and the bill of lading. When the move is over and you may have forgotten about it, do not forget to add the moving cost to your tax deductions. Ask your accountant or tax specialist about details on tax deductible moving expenses.

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