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Lower Mainland BC Moving Tips – Making the Best of Your Moving Day

When the moving truck arrived at Mrs. A’s new home in Alberta, the movers told her she would have to pay $2,000 more than expected before her belongings would be unloaded.

Making the Best of Your Moving - Movers Lower Mainland BC

The original price was $2,650 but the movers upped the final price to $4,650, saying the final cost was higher because the household goods weighed far more than the company had estimated.

“They sort of held the goods hostage. They said, ‘Unless you sign this bill, we’re not unloading this truck,’ ” she said of her move from one city to another in Alberta. “It was getting close to where I could say, ‘Keep the goods.’ I certainly wasn’t prepared for that kind of shocker.”

Follow this checklist to help reduce the chance of this sort of problem happening to you:

  • Be ready when your Lower Mainland, BC movers arrive. Have everything ready to go, as you will be charged an hourly rate for the time the Lower Mainland, BC movers wait.
  • Make sure both your origin and destination locations are ready. If you are moving to an apartment, book the elevator in the apartment building and notify your landlord or building manager of the arrival time of your movers.
  • Arrange for street parking if needed.
  • For long distance moves, the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers stipulate that all items must be tagged and listed by the mover and a copy of the inventory supplied to you for your records. Be sure to keep a copy of this inventory. When you arrive at your new destination in Lower Mainland, BC or elsewhere in Canada, check off each piece, and note any changes to the inventory prior to signing it. Otherwise, your mover may decline your claim for lost or damaged items.
  • For a local move in Lower Mainland, BC, you should make an inventory of goods to be moved and supervise the loading and unloading or arrange for someone else to supervise. If goods are damaged or lost, make sure it’s noted on the inventory, and notify the mover quickly. Normally, claims must be made within 30 days for local moves in Lower Mainland, BC and within 60 days for long distance moves across Canada.
  • When the loading has been completed, do a walk-through of your premises to ensure that everything has been loaded and nothing is left in closets, behind doors, in attics or garages.
  • Take any personal, important documents with you. Back up your computer data and take the data and the computer with you.
  • Take all of your valuables (e.g. jewellery, prescriptions, artwork) with you, and make special arrangements for perishables (e.g. food, plants) that may be affected by heat or cold. Make appropriate arrangements for your pets.
  • When the unloading has been completed, do a walk-through of your premises and all hallways and pathways into your premises as well as the moving vehicle to ensure that everything has been unloaded.
  • Enjoy your new home.

Original source: Industry Canada

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