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West Vancouver Moving Tips – Basic Packing Guide & Moving Basics Checklist

When moving to or from West Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada, you will need to make a basic packing guide and prepare a moving basics checklist.

Packing and Moving Tips - Movers West Vancouver BC

Where to start and what would you be best to take with and prepare for?

Basic Packing List

First of all, make a list of the packing materials you will need. Certainly you will need to have for that a checklist with your inventory to move – irrelevant if you are moving short or long distance to or from West Vancouver, BC, whether you are going to complete your moving yourself or you plan to hire a professional West Vancouver moving company.

Then make a basic packing list with items that are forbidden to pack and will not be taken by your West Vancouver movers for shipping. They are harmful and dangerous, and this thus are banned from packing. Some of such items may be: poison, flammable substances, radioactive materials, corrosives, gaseous materials.Of course, request information from your West Vancouver moving company on the complete list and have it with you when packing – these materials are banned for transportation for safety reasons.

Packing basics

Go to every room of your home and decide what you will be packing for moving. If you want to save money and time – don’t pack everything you have. Choose what to take along and include it in your basic packing list. The rest can be given away or sold at a moving sale. Why keep things you don’t need anymore when you can make some profit out of that and relief your budget of unnecessary extra costs?

Create a list of things that you are not going to be used for a while. Such items should be placed in boxes first. You should do this as soon as possible after you know that you will be moving.

In every box that you pack place enough cushioning material, such as packing paper or pages from old newspapers and magazines at the bottom and before closing the box at its top – this way you can be sure your items will be safe during moving.

For your basic packing guide write down to remember to separate all the fragile items and label their boxes properly. Wrap the breakable items you have with several layers of packing papers.

Include in your basic packing guide that heavier items should be packed first. After that, you can easily fill in the empty spaces left inside with smaller objects.

After the boxes are closed seal them well with packing tape to make sure the walls of the boxes will handle the weight inside them.

Packing Basic Essentials

As part of your moving basics checklist remember to ask for a moving quote from your West Vancouver movers – it is free and it will give you a better idea of your upcoming costs related to your moving.

For your packing basics list include the items you will need on your first day after moving in like toiletries, some clothes, toys for the kids and some packed food. You will need to be prepared for your first day at your new home. It would also be good if you could make sure you have some drinks when you arrive. Especially if your move is a bigger one you will appreciate some refreshment at the end of the day without having to go to supermarkets as you are tired and exhausted.

Moving Basics Checklist

When moving, the first basic task that should go to your list is to decide whether you will hire a reliable well rated West Vancouver moving company or will you do the packing and moving yourself. When considering moving basics, do-it-yourself may be very difficult and time consuming because of the extra effort you will need to place on organization.

On the other hand, West Vancouver moving experts will take much less time and the price for their work does not have to go over the roof – you can still move safely with a West Vancouver moving company and you can do it on your budget.

Most West Vancouver moving companies have their basic principles for moving and handling. This means that they are prepared on how to take care of your luggage during shipment in order to deliver it to your new home safe and undamaged so you might as well consider trusting them. So when making your moving basics checklist, ask for a quote from a West Vancouver moving company in order to estimate on an average what might moving costs be for you.

Another important task for your moving basics checklist is to remember to pay all of your bills before you leave your home.

Also, pick everything that you might have left at the dry cleaners.

A good tip to add to your moving out basics is to ask someone to help you. Speak with your relatives, friends, neighbors who are available to be with you on your moving day.


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Moving Tips & Info for Moving to West Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver is a district municipality in the province of British Columbia, Canada. West Vancouver has a population of 42,694 (according to 2011 census).

Moving to West Vancouver BC - Best Movers West Vancouver BC


Economy and Employment

West Vancouver has no manufacturing industry by law and is mainly a residential district as many residents are retired, work at home, or take the short commute to downtown Vancouver.

A 25-block strip of  Marine Drive serves as a commercial district, featuring shops, small offices, garages and gas stations, restaurants, banks, and other common amenities. This area is commonly known as ‘Ambleside’, with a one-block section separated from that area known as ‘Dundarave’.

West Vancouver is also home to Park Royal Shopping Centre, Canada’s first mall. Opened in the 1950s, it now takes 2 km of both sides of Marine Drive near North Vancouver, and is home to several department stores and large retailers, as well as many small retailers.

Living and Things to Do

West Vancouver is a home of Canada’s first shopping mall, Park Royal Shopping Centre, and also of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, one of the main connecting points between BC mainland and Vancouver Island.

West Vancouver has several public recreation facilities, including an 18-hole par 3 golf course, a pool, an ice rink, basketball and tennis courts, skateboard parks and numerous public parks.

The new West Vancouver Community Centre (or WVCC) has been rebuilt and opened in 2009. West Vancouver is also home to Cypress Provincial Park with mountain biking trails and a large ski and snowboard facility, which served as one of the venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Here’s more information about living in West Vancouver, BC:

And here’s a quick video for you to learn more about visiting and living in West Vancouver, BC:


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