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Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: Moving in Winter Conditions

Winter conditions make driving riskier and more dangerous. And often relocating is also associated with taking the risk of driving on winter roads that may be icy, slippery and with lots of snow. Whether you will be driving your auto, a trailer, a truck or a van, in any case of you are to be relocating in winter these driving in winter tips can make your job easier and safer for both short distances and across the country.

Tips for Moving in Winter - Metro Vancouver Movers

Driving in Winter Facts

Before getting on to the driving in winter tips here are some driving in winter facts.

First, it would be no surprise to tell you that many accidents happen on the road during winter weather conditions because of the ice, snow, fog and lower visibility.

Also, according to the legislation in most provinces, the speed limit of your driving may not be what the road sign says but lower because of the law called “Basic Speed Law”. According to it, you need to maintain a driving speed that will be safe for you and the others on the road. Check the weather channel for expected blizzards at your location and your point of destination in order to avoid bad surprises.

Tips for Driving in Winter

  • Get your vehicle ready to go. Make sure that is is running well and it has all necessary liquids like a non-freezing washer solution and windshield washer fluids. And use winter tires.
  • Clean up the snow and ice on the windows as they will prevent good visibility. When on the road if visibility is really low use the car’s headlights.
  • Clean the snow and ice from your car for a good visibility on the road.
  • Check your emergency road kit and always keep one in your vehicle before driving on winter roads. Take some extra medications with you as well. We don’t mean to stress you up but as they say it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  • Pack up for extreme situations. In any case driving in the winter safely will mean be ready for other situations. Take with you in the car a blanket, some food and water. If you are relocating with your family take some games to play together and some music to listen or a radio and some batteries for it of course. Take also a sleeping bag, flashlight, tools and sand.
  • Have a shovel with you in the car in case there is snow or heavy snowing is expected.
  • Always have chains in your car when driving in winter weather conditions.
  • When you get on the road keep the speed low. Driving on winter roads is going to be less risky if you go with a speed that is appropriate for the weather. So don’t speed even if you’re late. Safety driving in winter conditions is more important than being on time.
  • Keep your hands steady on the wheel, both hands and keep your eyes on the road. It may seem like a no-brainer and it is but what we’re saying is that you should be careful. This driving in winter advice alone can decrease accidents on the road a lot.
  • Accelerate and stop gradually. For driving in the winter safely go slower than usual and keep a safe distance between you and the other vehicles on the road. Especially if you are driving a larger vehicle that’s a prerequisite for safety driving in winter conditions.
  • If you have to use the breaks, be gentle as well. When driving in winter weather conditions speed has to be handles with caution.

If the weather conditions are really bad making it impossible for you or too dangerous to drive to your new home, make travel arrangements and have your auto shipped with a car mover. This will be the safest decision you can make in some special cases instead of driving on winter roads.

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