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Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: Essentials to Have when Moving out

As you are getting ready to move out of your house or apartment in Metro Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada into your new home locally or long distance, you will need to prepare a list of essentials to supply yourself with.

Of course you want to take care of the furniture, bedsheets, kitchen appliances, cutlery, etc. which are normal things. And yet often times when relocating people tend to forget a number of very important things to prepare for their move. What is the list of essentials when moving out?

Essentials to Have when Moving out - Metro Vancouver Movers

Essentials for moving into a new home

Get yourself some tools. You will need them when replacing batteries, hanging the pictures on the walls, preparing the decoration, taking care of some small repairs at your new home, etc. If you don’t have such a set, you don’t need to spend much money on it. Just make sure that you have the basics – hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, pliers and wrench. You will need to use them at your new place anyway so having them in advance will make setting up your new living place easier.

Have a first aid kit. This is one of the essentials for moving into a new home. Accidents happen, sometimes during unloading the truck, sometimes on other occasions like fixing a problem at the house, so such a set would be very useful then. When your home is not ready yet, you don’t know where the pharmacy is or which doctor to turn to in need of help, a first aid kit will help you at least until you find a medical expert. Include in your first aid kit several adhesive bandages, tweezers, antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide, gauze and medical tape. Of course, you can add more items if you decide that they may come handy.

Cleaning solutions. You will need to do lots of cleaning right as you arrive not only after the movers at your previous home. Take the necessary products to clean glass like windows and glass tables, tiles in the bathroom, leather and upholstery, etc. This is one of the essentials for moving house which will save you lots of effort and time to go shopping when you need your time to do other things.

Have a notebook. Always have with you a notebook to write down the list of essentials when moving out. Keep it on you, add things accordingly when necessary and use it. You can also get for your iPhone the MyMove app – it is free and you can use it to assist your relocation in many ways. One of them is your list with essentials for moving into a new home.

Put a fire extinguisher and detectors in the kitchen. Yes, we know you may think it is unnecessary and we hope you never have to use it. But you know what they say – better have and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Always have a flashlight, matches and candles. Find a place for them with the toolbox you have prepared or in another box but have them.

Have an extra set of keys with someone near you that you can trust like your sister or brother. You may have to use them once or twice but it will save you lots of effort.
Remember about the art. You may think that these are no essentials for moving house but think about an apartment or house with pure white or beige walls and no decoration on them. Would that make you feel like home?

Display something that makes you happy. One of the essentials when you move out should be a picture, vase, souvenir or whatever item that makes you feel good. That is something you look at and enjoy. You will certainly use such an item – put it on display somewhere at your new home.

Some place to sit – even if that is a simple mat.

You will also need a place to put your clothes on. This is one of the essentials when you move out that people tend to forget. You should have a hanger or even a simple bag would do since in the beginning you won’t have your wardrobe ready. This is one of the essentials to moving out.

Towels – for the kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and bathroom products (shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, shaver, shaving cream, medicines, etc.)

We hope that this list with essentials for moving house would help you and remind you of those little items that are so important and needed sometimes.

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