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Vancouver Moving Tips: How to Move Large Furniture

Moving is never an easy task, whether you are hiring professional Vancouver movers or moving by yourself. The most difficult part of moving is usually moving large furniture pieces. And how to move large furniture pieces may be the first question you ask yourself if doing the moving by yourself.

Moving Large Furniture - Vancouver Movers

The heaviest pieces are hard to move because they require some heavy lifting, and the safest option would be to hire a professional Vancouver moving company that will take care of moving your large pieces of furniture.

And if you are on a tight budget, you can consider hiring helpers who will help you move and load the large furniture items onto the moving trucks.

How to Move Large Furniture Items by Yourself?

  • If you choose not to hire professional Vancouver movers, then do you know how to move large furniture pieces by yourself safely? If you have never done moving large pieces of furniture, here are some techniques you can use:
  • Prepare the furniture that you have to disassemble and start working on it as soon as your moving process starts. Remove any loose parts of the furniture to make it easy and safe when shifting, and if you have to, move it piece by piece.
  • If you are moving dressers or some larger pieces of your furniture, take all the contents out and place them into moving boxes.
  • Clear your way from the room to the entrance door. Make sure you have enough room to move and slide the big pieces of furniture, as this will ensure space for lifting and turning the furniture. Don’t forget about chandeliers and other light fixtures, as well as your floors. You do not want to break or damage anything.
  • If you have never moved that furniture, measure its dimensions and consider the path you have cleared. Also, measure the width of your doors, the hallways you will be passing through and the height of the ceilings.
  • Make sure you protect your floors if they are hardwood or any other easily damageable surface. Use furniture moving pads or some kind of blankets to cover the floors, as well as furniture sliders and steel lifters.
  • When you start moving the furniture, use your legs not your back. Squat and lift with your back straight, do not bend your back, hold it low and keep the furniture close to your body. Lift each piece of furniture from the strongest point. Wear a belt to protect your back when moving heavy furniture.
  • Moving straps can also make the moving of large furniture easier. Professional Vancouver movers use straps for the very heavy pieces of furniture. The moving pads and sliders will protect your furniture and floors, and will make it easier on you. Yet the moving straps will not just facilitate the moving of the furniture, but help you save your back from injuries. Avoid twisting and take your time when start moving.

Vancouver Piano Moving

Piano moving should be done by piano moving professionals because of the risks for the piano itself, the as well as for your apartment’s walls and steps, and your other items in the truck.


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