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Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: How to Move with a Large Family

Having to move with a large family in Metro Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada is always going to be stressful, there is just no way to avoid it. There are two types of tasks you have to tackle when relocating: physical: choosing and packing the necessary items, and psychological: taking care of kids’ doubts and fears and supporting your significant others in this big step.

It goes without saying that the bigger your family is (and don’t forget to count the pets) – the harder and more stressful moving becomes.

Metro Vancouver Movers - How to Move with a Large Family

Let us offer a few friendly tips to make your family’s relocation much faster, stress-free and cheaper.

To begin with, let’s tackle the cost of Metro Vancouver moving. If you wish to receive further information on cost estimation of your Metro Vancouver moving, please fill out our Request a Quote form. It definitely pays to be well prepared, and the sooner the better. We would advise that you begin looking for reliable Metro Vancouver movers at least a couple of weeks prior to the date of your family’s move. This will help you feel less stressed and your family will feel more secure.

Dealing with the personal discomfort of moving

While it is true that you can lessen the troubling factors in advance, by organizing your Metro Vancouver move earlier, some predicaments require a more one-on-one approach. That is the case when preparing your family for moving out of the family home. Communicating with your kids can be the decisive factor in how they take the news. Younger kids can be very attached to their home and older ones are usually more attached to the people and memories they associate with it. Large families have the advantage of family members supporting each other, so try to receive the approval of some of your kids, this will make moving easier to swallow for the other members of the family. Once the news has been accepted, it is time to prepare for the big day and pack.

Your relocation can be a pleasant experience.

Make sure you have all the little details pinned down. The more you are aware of where you are moving your family to, including knowing the new address, schools, malls and cinemas, parks and leisure activity centers, the less stressed your spouse and kids will be. This will allow them something to look forward to and anticipate.

Your family’s size is an advantage. Start packing earlier, working with your children through what they want to keep and what they would like to toss away. You are doing this for your family, so do it as a family.

Packing your large family’s belongings

Now that all hands are on board, let’s get down to the more physical (and tedious) part of your relocation. As we mentioned before, planning in advance is the best way to go, we cannot stress this enough. Having time to research professional Metro Vancouver moving companies will save you quite a bit of cash.

A step many people forget until it comes down to it, is acquiring the necessary packing supplies. You should have a very good read through the required supplies and make sure you have them before you move on to packing. A very important thing is the order at which you deal with the objects in you lists.

Make good use of today’s technologies. If you have an electronic device with an available internet connection, make sure that it is well charged and in a safe but easily accessible place. That way you can check maps, contact friends and family if you needs help and look for various services such as hotels and restaurants.

Prepare easily accessible items of first necessity. Don’t forget that all your items are safely stored away under cardboard, foam, plastic and who knows what else. Make sure you store some clothes in an outside bag, toiletries, disposable dishes and utensils and of course – cash. Children can be very fidgety when on the move, your next planned family meal may take a while, so be prepared to improvise on the go.

Sell what you don’t need. This is possibly the best time to have a good look through your belongings and see what is no longer needed, broken or unused. Use this opportunity to declutter, earn some extra money or just do a good deed and give it away to a charity organization.


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