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Surrey Moving Tips – Moving House Guide & Printable Checklist

Moving your house to or from Surrey, BC or elsewhere in Canada – how should you proceed?

The key is organization. Plan well your every step, consider the timing of it – i.e. when is the most convenient time for your move, and get on with it! If you have this approach, your moving will be smooth and it will be over quickly and on time.

Moving Guide and Tips - Surrey Movers

The checklist below is printable and should help you and guide you. It will give you the list with the most important steps to follow when you want to have your house moved.

Moving your House Step by Step:

  1. Contact Surrey moving company.

Getting a Surrey moving estimate is one way. Or you can look for a reliable Surrey mover in a different way – find one near you. There are lots of pros for using a professional Surrey moving company. That is one of the ways in which you can find out what moving costs to expect so you can plan your expenses.

You can also talk to your friends or relatives who moved before. Ask them which Surrey moving company they used and what was their impression of it.

  1. Get rid of everything you don’t want or need.

Otherwise you would have to pay for having it transported. Check everywhere – at every premise in your house (attic, basement, garage, etc). At the same time separate on one side expensive items like credit cars, jewels, or important paperwork. These should stay with you during moving. Take a look at the kitchen also. Use up the food in the fridge and freezer because you won’t be able to take it with you.

  1. If you have some electronics to move arrange for that in time. Some appliances require a special dissembling or have some set up to be done. Give more attention to your computer. Save a copy of its memory in case it gets damaged during transportation.
  1. Consider packing.

Are you packing by yourself? If so, arrange the purchasing of packing supplies. When you pack your boxes place heavier items in smaller ones and at the bottom. Lighter items can be moved in larger boxes and can be placed on top of heavier ones.

If a professional Surrey moving company is doing that for you – they know how to pack your belongings safely.

  1. Think about a moving insurance.

A house has a lot more than an apartment, and protecting it is important. Talk to your Surrey moving company you decide to hire about what moving insurance options it can offer you.

  1. Change your address when moving.

You might have a long list of companies and persons to contact – not just utilities, but you have to return books from the library, rented DVD’s, pick up things from the dry cleaners’, cancel any subscriptions, etc.

  1. Arrange your cleaning after you move out of your old home and the cleaning of your new home before you move in it. You can arrange it yourself or have an expert cleaning company do it for you.
  2. Prepare for your moving day.

Make sure the movers have your contacts – your phone, new address and a floor plan will also be of use to them. Arrange all boxes to be moved by the door so that when the movers come they can start loading the truck immediately. This can save about half an hour of your movers’ time and thus – save you money.

  1. Think about your kids and pets, if you have any – and who will take care of them on the day of your moving. You can leave them at your parents’ place or with close friends.
  2. On your moving day – make sure all your utilities are disconnected. The same goes true for your new house, too. Once you enter check if everything is working properly and if all utilities are connected.
  3. Relax and enjoy! Moving requires a lot of arrangements but at the same time it is a new start, especially if you are moving due to a job opportunity. New opportunities are ahead of you and this is a chance for a new beginning.

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Tips for a Successful and an Organized Move in Greater Vancouver BC

Moving is a big task and can prove to be very overwhelming. You can go through this tedious process smoothly by following the following tips for a successful move to or from Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada.

Tips for Organized Moves - Vancouver Movers

Get Organized

Don’t commit the blunder of leaving anything until the last minute. There may be a lot of detail and paperwork to keep an eye on, such as hiring reliable Vancouver movers, cancelling utilities and finding new family doctor. It’s good to create a moving binder for having a landing zone for various moving-related tasks. It will enable you to remember various details regarding your move.


Before your moving day, research as much as you can about your new place of residence. This will save you from stress.

Find out about your neighborhood, medical service providers, school districts, public transport facilities and other important things. This will help you in smooth transition once you have moved to your new home.

Keep Your Movers Informed

It is vital to keep your movers informed to make any move an organized and a successful one.

For this, communication with your Vancouver moving company is integral. Make sure to explain all your needs and expectations before hiring any Vancouver moving company. Once you have selected Vancouver moving company, inform all the details pertaining to your move to get an estimate of your moving costs and time well in advance.

Make a Floor Plan of Your New House

After finding a new home for your family in the new area, you can now make a well-informed decision about your planned move. This means you can decide which items to take along and which ones to be left behind. You need to make a floor plan of your new house to find out which items can fit the space available there. This will also save much of the time on the day of the move as you will know exactly where to direct your Vancouver movers for placing your times appropriately.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

Moving provides you a perfect opportunity to get rid of your belongings that you no longer need.

You can organize a yard sale, opt for donating, put up furniture for sale and shred documents that don’t need any longer.

Purchase Correct Supplies

Purchase quality boxes in a number of various sizes to save your goods from breaking or damage during the move. Large boxes are good for packing linens, clothes and toys while small boxes are handy for packing delicate or breakable dishes and heavy books. Also buy packing paper, moving tape, bubble wraps, and markers for labeling the boxes.

Take Stock

Keep a record of your household items especially if you are hiring a Vancouver moving company. This will be helpful in case anything goes missing. It’s advisable to keep a moving inventory spreadsheet to sort out your items while keeping a track of your belongings throughout the moving process.

Assign a box number to each box and write that number on each side of the box.

Pack Smartly

To avoid feeling rushed, pack with sufficient time. Pack smart and in a systematic manner. Don’t feel tempted to pack items that are not needed anymore or that you want to get rid of.


Proper labeling is crucial for keeping your belongings organized throughout the move. For this, you must designate a different color for each room. Use a good sharpie for labeling the boxes.

Mention the contents of the box, the room where it must be placed in, and if it’s delicate.
Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.

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Preparing for a Long Distance Move to or from Vancouver BC

Moving is, undoubtedly, an adventure. But organizing a long distance move in BC is an enormous and overwhelming task. So, it’s advisable to evaluate your situation at the earliest and have a reliable plan.

You need to be aware of some of the vital strategies for executing a long distance move successfully.

Long Distance Movers Vancouver - Movers Lower Mainland BC
Here are some tips to help you for preparing for a long distance move to or from Vancouver BC.

Keep a timeline in your mind

You must keep a timeline in your mind once you know that you are moving long distance. You need to keep up with various dates, be it inspections, appraisals or closing dates. You must ensure to plan for each and every significant event. When planning a long distance move, you need more planning whether it’s choosing Vancouver moving company or travelling to your new house.

Planning ahead ensures that you will not forget anything vital before your move.

Find a professional Vancouver moving company 

Deciding on Vancouver moving company that provides the services you require is the first step to prepare for a long distance move. Opt for Vancouver moving company that you can rely on.

You can do this by seeking referrals from your family or friends or browsing online. Ask for free long distance moving quotes from different Vancouver moving companies before choosing a particular moving company.

In-home moving estimates

Ask in-home estimates from a couple of long distance Vancouver moving companies to find the best pricing. It’s a good thing to start but don’t just go for the pricing while choosing any long distance Vancouver moving company.

There might be some hidden fees as well. So, make sure to carefully read the details of the fine print to know what is included in the final long distance moving price. Another fact to be taken care of is that your Vancouver moving company must be insured and licensed and should have sufficient experience in the move you are planning.


You need to know that the cost of your long distance move will be based on the total weight of the things to be shipped. So, it’s vital to downsize. For this, you need to go through your items and decide what items are going to be of use and which ones can be discarded. You can sale or donate the items you no longer need.

Pre-move preparations

You need to make some pre-move preparations as well before the moving day to ensure your move goes smoothly. Look to your new home and find out what you need to do for pre-move preparations. It includes considering furniture placement locations, applying for a new driver’s license in the new place, finding new doctors, enrolling your children in school, checking on insurance needs and calling about utilities. You should also update all your mailings to the new residential address. Never forget to update with insurance companies, banks and credit card companies.


Now, you can start the process of packing. All items must be organized by category, type or room. Make sure to pack all the things in boxes and mark them with color-coded labels.

Mention a list of all the items packed inside each box. This will save your time and effort when unpacking and locating the items in your new home.

On the moving day

Your moving day has finally arrived. So, call your Vancouver movers and supervise their move to make sure all items are handled with utmost care. After you have reached your new house, you can start the process of unpacking.

Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.

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BC Moving Tips: Five Items that Are Hard to Move

When planning a move to a new home in Lower Mainland, BC, you should consider several things to make your relocation safe and smooth. Heavy or large items may require special care and attention when being moved, and it’s always worth hiring a professional moving company in Lower Mainland, BC.

Listed below are some items that are considered to be very difficult to move.

1. Moving pianos

Pianos, whether small, large or baby grands, are really challenging to move.

BC Piano Moving Service - Movers Lower Mainland BC
Moving pianos requires certain expertise and skill, because they contain fragile, small and dainty pieces. Hiring the services of a professional moving company in Lower Mainland, BC is the safest and the simplest means to get your piano moved. Also, you need to ensure that the right equipment is used by your BC piano movers including wraps, dollies and other equipment for moving your piano safely.

2. Moving artwork

Moving artwork can prove to be quite tricky as well. Hence, artwork must be moved with utmost attention and care. This is especially true for the pieces of art that are expensive, large or have sentimental value to you.

When you are packing your artwork, make sure to use sufficient cushioning and packing material. Pack your artwork while keeping in mind where the value of artwork lies. Frame your artwork in bubble wrapping and keep it in crates for damage-free handling. Never use a newspaper for wrapping paintings because the ink gets transferred on the image. Label the box as “Delicate” so that your BC movers handle it carefully.

3. Moving plants

When moving plants, you need to take extra care to arrange them in advance. Take your house plants out of ceramic pots and move them in to a plastic pot a few weeks before your planned move. This will give your plants sufficient time to settle in their new planters.

4. Moving aquariums

Aquariums are a big moving challenge, irrespective of their size. First of all, don’t take the risk of leaving the fish inside. Take them out and keep them in some temporary container with the remaining water. Remove majority of the water from your aquarium and leave some at the bottom to make sure the existing bacteria still remain. Try to keep the fish stable so that they can survive the move. For this, you should hire the services of a trusted BC moving company.

5. Moving flat screens

While moving your flat screens, use the box in which it came if you still have it. Otherwise, you can wrap it in some blanket. It’s simple. You can spread out a blanket and carefully place your TV on it. Don’t forget to unplug your TV and detach all the wire connections before wrapping it in a blanket and taping it.


Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.

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Your Complete Moving To-Do List for Moving in Greater Vancouver BC

Relocating to a new home in  Greater Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada can be an exciting experience but remember, moving involves a lot of effort. It can be quite stressful if you are unprepared.

Moving Checklist - Reliable Movers Vancouver BC

Creating a moving checklist will enable you to get ready for your move by knowing well in advance when to get things done and the order in which you need them to be done. Having an organized move will also assist your Vancouver moving company in a great way.

We prepared some tips to help you get a sound master plan ahead of your moving day.

2 months before

  • Sort out the details of all cupboards, closets and drawers to eliminate what you don’t need.
  • Begin looking for reliable Vancouver moving companies. Always request for an on-site estimate and don’t depend on any quote over the phone. Its best to get an estimate in writing from a Vancouver moving company.
  • Make a moving binder to keep track of all things including your estimates, receipts and inventory of all the things you want to move.

6 weeks before

  • Finalize rental or real estate requirements.
  • Inform your children’s school/schools of your move. Get in touch with new schools for getting enrollment details.
  • Ask your doctors to suggest doctors in your new community.
  • Begin using perishable/frozen foods that you don’t need to move.
  • Take measurements at your new home to ensure big furniture can pass through the door.

1 month before

  • Choose a professional Vancouver moving company and get written details of your moving day, costs and other related details.
  • Inform utility firms to disconnect services a day after you move. Make sure to get the new service activated a couple of days before your arrival at your new home. For getting information regarding utility services, contact the chamber of commerce located in your new town.
  • Do a change of address by visiting your local post office and filling out a form for change of address.
  • Inform all important parties of your move: brokerage firms, your employer’s human resources department, banks, newspapers (to which you subscribe), insurance, utility and credit card companies.
  • Separate valuable like jewelry and other important files to some safe box that you plan to transport personally to your new house.
  • If you want to pack yourself, then order supplies and begin packing boxes. Make a note of the items of high value that may need additional insurance from your Vancouver movers.

2 Weeks Before

  • Intimate your office that you need to be off from work on the moving day.
  • You should plan your meals for the last weeks to make use of your food.
  • If you are going to change banks, then make sure to remove all the contents of your locker/safe-deposit box and placing them in the safe box that you intend to take along with you on the moving day.
  • Contact your Vancouver moving company for reconfirmation of arrangements.

1 Week Before

  • Organize all important documents and store them where they are safe and accessible.
  • Make sure to keep all essential items needed for your Moving Day Survival Kit to move through your planned move safe and sound.
  • Refill prescriptions that you will require during the next few weeks.
  • Arrange deposit or payment for your Vancouver moving company.
  • Write clear directions to your new house for the selected moving company in Vancouver, BC. Make sure to confirm the delivery date and give your cell phone number and your itinerary number to your Vancouver moving company.

Moving Day

  • Pack and carry your first-night box.
  • Check all closets and rooms last time to ensure nothing gets left behind.
  • Be ready ahead of the arrival of your Vancouver movers so that they can start the moving process promptly.
  • Lock all windows, turn off lights and close all doors. To make sure nothing is left behind, just have a final tour of the house once your Vancouver movers have completed.
  • Sign the bill of inventory list and keep a copy of it with you before your Vancouver movers leave.


Need advice on planning your local or long distance move in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC?  CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our moving specialists who can assist with setting up your move and will make sure your entire moving process goes smooth.

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