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Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: How to Properly Pack and Move Musical Instruments

If you are relocating in Metro Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada any time soon and have musical instruments to pack, you’re probably wondering what to do and where to start. Pianos, guitars, cellos, violins, etc. are tender items that need special care.

Musical instruments can crack or break if they are not well wrapped for relocation or for storage. What packing boxes are appropriate for musical instruments? What to do with string and brass instruments? Here are the tips, help and advice on packing and moving musical instruments. With this article, the question how to move musical instruments is going to be answered.

Metro Vancouver Movers - How to Properly Pack and Move Musical Instruments

Packing and moving musical instruments

First of all, you need to hire a reliable and safe Metro Vancouver moving company. Musical instruments packing and moving is an art, just like the item itself and what they’re being used for.

What help do Metro Vancouver moving companies offer? You need special climate and humidity control trucks. On the other hand, packing musical instruments should also be done with the right packing materials and by moving professionals. If you don’t want to hire moving labor to pack your instruments, the tips below will help you do this yourself.

Arrange the schedule. If you have a concert schedule, let your Metro Vancouver movers know when you will need your musical instruments. When packing and shipping musical instruments your Metro Vancouver moving company has to know when and where you will need them again. Some musical instruments like harps are sensitive to temperature which is another thing to consider for your move.

Musical instruments packing

If you want to pack your instruments professionally but you are not sure about how to do it, you can ask a mover to do it or give you personalized tips.

Don’t save from packing supplies. Musical instruments are delicate and should be carefully handled. Allowing improper wrapping can cause damages that will cost you more than the packing materials themselves.

Packing musical instruments with strings like guitars, cellos, harps, etc. When packing and shipping musical instruments, you need to first loosen lightly the strings. After that wrap up the instrument with bubble wrap, tape it and place the instrument in its case.
How to pack musical instruments. Place the instrument inside its case and if there is a lot of free room, use crumpled paper to fill in the empty spots. If you can close the case easily, then you’ve done it right. You can use more crumpled paper if the case is soft for extra protection.

Packing brass musical instruments. Remove the mouthpiece and pack it separately. Again, use lots of bubble wrap and place the instrument in its case.

Packing and shipping musical instruments in their cases. Before thinking about boxes, it is advisable to use the case of the instrument itself. Moving musical instruments is best done this way. Use hard cases for the larger instruments like keyboards and brasses. You can pack the smaller instruments in soft cases. Always be careful when packing and shipping musical instruments and always use appropriate types and quantity of the packaging.

Place each musical instrument in its own case when packing and don’t swap cases. This may damage the instruments.

Very large instruments like a piano are difficult to handle. Use padding and lots of packing supplies to protect them during shipping. If you are not sure how to do that, contact a mover. Some large instruments like drums however can be taken apart and then packed which is easier.

Packing boxes for musical instruments. If you don’t have the precise case for each instrument you are packing, use a sturdy box a little bit bigger than the instrument itself. Musical instruments packing should be done so that the wrapped instrument fits in precisely in the box or its case and doesn’t move inside. In the cases and packing boxes for musical instruments there should be nothing moving inside, however big or small. Items that are let loose inside the box or case can scratch the musical instrument or damage it in some other way.

How to move musical instruments? Certainly not together. Don’t ever put more than one instrument in a box and always place a musical instrument in the case designed particularly for it. In other words don’t swap the cases of the different musical instruments. This can cause damages to them.

After the instruments are transported, let at least 24 hours for the stringed and woodwind instruments to acclimatize before you use them again. They should reach room temperature. If you have loosened the strings before the packing or if you haven’t used the instruments for too long (for example they’ve been in storage), you may have to tune them before playing again. If you are not sure about how to pack musical instruments call a reliable moving company from our large database.


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