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Tips for Packing Your Music Collection When Moving in Vancouver, BC

Tips for Packing Your Music Collection When Moving in Vancouver, BC

If you happen to have a large music collection in forms of CDs and records, then you will have to make an extra effort to pack them appropriately.

Records and CDs are delicate items and can get easily damaged during a move in Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada. To avoid any damage to your music collection, we recommend following some of the guidelines below.

Tips for Packing Music Records

The first thing to keep in mind while packing music records is that they are usually quite heavy. For this reason you will have to pack them in small cartons in small batches. If you pack all of your records in one big carton – the carton might break and result in further damage of your music records.

Once you find a few small boxes for packing your music records, make some effort to find the jackets of each record. And if you do not have jackets anymore – then wrap the records individually in cloth or some packing paper. The wrapping of records will ensure that they get added protection from scratches.

Packing Music CDs

Packing CDs is a bit tricky. Find a carton that will accommodate all your CDs. Fill in some foam or packing paper at the base of the carton and fit some cardboard on the inside walls of the carton to give added support to the CDs and protect them from any damage. Insert each CD in its case and start placing the CDs vertically. Once you are done placing the CDs, add some foam or packing paper at the top of the box before sealing it with tape. You should also label the box with a note saying “Fragile” so that your Vancouver movers take additional care of the box while loading and unloading it.


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