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Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: Unpacking & to Do’s After Moving

After moving to a new home in Metro Vancouver, BC you have a place filled with boxes and probably no idea about where to start.

Organizing after a move - Metro Vancouver Movers

There are a few pointers around which you can very much successfully organize yourself with what to do, when and how after you relocate. Below are some important things to do after moving to a new home, tips for unpacking after a move and other useful pieces of advise.

Organizing After a Move

Organizing after a move means taking several easy and simple steps:

  • Unpacking efficiently after a move
  • Doing the shopping for your new home
  • Things to do after moving to a new city (change of address, contacting utilities, car registration, etc.)
  • Get rid of the packing supplies that you have left
  • Write a review of your Metro Vancouver moving company

Unpacking After a Move

How to organize unpacking after moving? First of all begin with the basics. If you have made an “open first” box it should be enough for your needs for a day or two. Unpack the bed right when you take it out of the truck and get it ready – the last thing you want after arriving at your new home and you’re all exhausted is to not have where to crash.

During this time if you have labeled your boxes well you will know exactly where your essentials are and you won’t have to open all the bedroom boxes just to find the bedsheets. The things that you have packed in the last week before the move are the things to unpack first because you will need those for the first week in your new home until you unpack the rest.

When unpacking after a move don’t focus on one room only. Do bit by bit of every room – would you need immediately all the kitchen cutlery and dishes while your suits stay unpacked and you’re wondering what to put on for work? Distribute your time and effort and do little by little from everything.

Shopping After Moving into New Home

Don’t rush to buy it all new after moving into new home. Since the holidays have passed you can look online to buy cheaply some items that you may need. This is the time when people will be posting for sale “unwanted gifts” and this is the moment when you can get advantage. You may be able to buy exactly the things you need all brand new with their original packing cheaper rather then get the same from the store and pay several times as much.

When buying furniture (and not only) after moving to a new home the key question to ask is do you really need it. If you can use something from the things you have in storage take it from there and then move the rest of the things in a smaller storage to save money. Look at the local newspaper for garage or yard sales. You can go take a look if you can buy something that you need. These sales are usually organized by people who are moving and have too many things they won’t take.

Things to Do After Moving to a New City

Change your address. If you haven’t contacted the local utility companies it is high time that you do that. One of the things to do after moving to a new state is to search for the local newspaper and subscribe to it, if there’s an online edition and that is convenient for you – even better.

Search for the local supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, school / daycare, doctor and dentist – you will surely need those and better know where they are and how to find them in advance. In the unpleasant situation of an emergency you better know where the hospital is and how to get there.

Also collect emergency phone numbers. After moving to your new home get the numbers of the ER at the nearest hospital, the police and the fire brigade.

Organizing After a Move

You should also plan how and when to register your car and renew your driver’s license.  If your license is not expired you will probably have to take a vision test and if your driver’s license has expired more than a year ago you may have to also take a knowledge exam. You should learn what the local state regulations are as they may differ slightly from one location to another.

A Last Note After Moving House

Write a moving review after moving your house. Now that your relocation is over share your experience after moving a house. Remember how many reviews you have read written by people like you who have already moved! Well, if you have your say and help other people with the choice of a reliable Metro Vancouver moving company it would be great – they need it now after their relocation is over just as you needed other people’s opinion before you moved. Whether positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, just dropping even a few lines about it after moving house would be greatly appreciated by those who will read it.


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