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Types of Moving Services and Moving Companies in Vancouver

If you have never moved in your life, you would think moving is moving. What is there to think about moving? I am just going to call a Vancouver moving company and see how much they will charge to move my couch, bed and TV. Well, then, when you call Vancouver movers and they ask you to take an inventory of everything intended for moving, you come to realize that there is much more than couch, TV and a bed to be moved after all.

Vancouver Moving Companies - Vancouver Moving Services

At the time of taking the inventory, you will also see that many of your household items will have to be wrapped, protected and prepared for your moving in Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada. This is when you start thinking about moving rates and how to save on your moving expenses.

There are many ways to save on your moving costs, and many Vancouver moving services to choose from. To keep things going smoothly first you need to consider the different types of Vancouver moving companies and costs associated. Depending on your needs and requirements, you may need a specific type of Vancouver movers. There are three major types of Vancouver moving services: local, long distance and commercial / office moving services.

The tips below will help you decide what type of Vancouver moving companies you will need to look for.

Calculate moving costs based on the moving type

Calculating the complete costs of performing an end-to-end move depends on many factors. The factors that play a big role when estimating the costs depend on the requested Vancouver moving services types, the size (and weight) of the items you are about to move, the distance from the origin and destination location and others. You can get a fast and easy free moving quote from your Vancouver moving company.

More on the Types of Vancouver Moving Companies

Local Moving Services Vancouver

Local Vancouver movers are those within a certain mileage radius in Vancouver a moving company has the permit to operate. The different types of Vancouver moving companies have different permits, so some Vancouver movers’ radius for local moves could be larger.

If you are relocating locally in Vancouver it is a good idea to search for movers that only perform local moves as they often can give you better deals. Local moves are charged by the hour.

The total cost of your moving will also depend on whether you need full Vancouver moving service or partial packing. These are types of Vancouver moving services most Vancouver movers offer and you can choose from based on your needs.

Long Distance Moving Services to or from Vancouver

Long distance is a move usually more than one hundred miles away from the point of origin in Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada. Most types of Vancouver movers offer long distance moving service, but again not all of them.

Some Vancouver movers often specialize in one or maximum two types of moving services. When moving long distance the cost will be significantly higher. The average moving rates are based on the weight and the cubic feet of your goods, as well as the distance traveled.

When you are moving across the county it is a good idea to get an in-house estimate for more accurate moving quote. This type of moving estimate is something that your Vancouver movers should offer, free of charge, if they offer long distance moving services. The type of moving companies that do not offer in-house estimates may not be fully licensed or reliable, so be careful when choosing your Vancouver movers.

Commercial / Office Relocation in Vancouver

Commercial / office moving serves any type of business relocation needs. It might be a small office or a big corporation. Whenever a business needs to relocate, Vancouver office movers consider that type of moving service as commercial moving. The way of charging is usually more flexible as there are more specific relocation needs. Moving a big or small office, or some kind of factory, requires more man power, specific packing and equipment. Most Vancouver office movers will also assign one moving consultant who will do the whole planning, on the spot estimate and be the only point of contact during the relocation process. Commercial relocation is more expensive and more complicated, that’s why many Vancouver office moving companies do not offer it as a service.

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