Tips for Packing and Managing Food for Moving in Vancouver BC

Tips for Packing and Managing Food for Moving in Vancouver BC

Managing and packing food is one of the most difficult tasks when moving locally in Vancouver, BC or long distance in Canada. When people are about to move to a new home they often forget to stock food in a systematic way and this leads to overstocking of food which is unnecessary and leads to food waste. Food waste is not only discouraged because of the act itself but it is also expensive.

Below are some useful tips that will help you in managing and packing food for your moving.

Do your grocery shopping a week before moving

Do your groceries a week before your moving day because you will be busy packing throughout the week. Make sure to stock the food based on your needs and plan your shopping list with some extra thought. If you end up consuming all the food before the week ends, make a small trip to the store and get limited food supply so that you won’t have to throw it out on your moving day.

Perishable items should not travel

It is pointless to take perishable items with you to your new place. Moving takes time and there is a good chance that the food will spoil while on the road.

Seal food items tightly

Find the food that is opened. All the open boxes and bags of food have to be sealed with tape before settling in a bigger moving box. If you have small containers of herbs or pickles – pack them in a small box first and then place that box to a larger box. All the bottle caps should be sealed tightly as well because they can create a lot of mess in a moving vehicle.

Packing cans

If you have a lot of canned food in your kitchen – it would be pointless to leave those cans behind. Canned food can be quite useful in the first few days at your new place, but you should pack those cans with some care. Do not throw in all the cans in just one box as they are heavy and might rip the base of the box. Pack limited number of cans in each box to avoid any mishaps.


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