Vancouver Moving Tips: How to Label Moving Boxes while Packing

Vancouver Moving Tips: How to Label Moving Boxes while Packing

Packing your items in moving boxes is just one part of moving in Vancouver, BC. It is also important to label those boxes so that you can identify them easily while unpacking. It is always worth to put some time and thought into packing and labeling moving boxes properly instead of making life difficult in the unpacking stage.

Below are some tips that will help you remain organized and will explain how to label the boxes to make your unpacking more convenient.

Label on all sides

You should make sure that you label the boxes on all sides including the top. This will only make unpacking easier for you since you would not have to rotate the boxes in order to identify them.

The labeling system depends on your personal preference but ideally it is preferred that you label the boxes based on the room for instance ‘Bedroom’ and ‘Kitchen’.

Use colors

Using different colored markers is not a requirement but it should help you in organizing your things efficiently.

For instance, you can use black marker to label the room on the box and a red marker to label the items that are in the box or carton. It is obvious that kitchen would have to be packed in multiple boxes and using a different color to label things present in the box will be helpful while unpacking.


There will be some boxes that will have to be prioritized. You should first pack a box with items that will be required immediately such as toiletries, cleaning supplies and other items of high importance. Make sure that you label such boxes with a different color so that you can easily identify them.


Cautions and warnings are very important in the labeling process. There are going to be fragile items in the boxes and it is your responsibility to mark such boxes with a note that says ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘Caution: Fragile Items inside’. These labels will give the movers and you a reminder to handle them with care to avoid unnecessary damage.


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