Metro Vancouver Moving Tips: Disassembling Furniture for Moving

When moving in Metro Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada, lots of people decide to disassemble and assemble furniture themselves, besides the risks that may occur. This is a tedious job that may cause damage to your furniture, if not done right, and to the people involved.

Disassembling Furniture for Moving - Metro Vancouver Moving Company

Disassemble and assemble furniture yourself

Start by reading the instructions for disassembly. Read through the manual so you can be aware what to do and how. If you don’t have it, go online and make a search or go to a store that sells such furniture and ask for help. You can also contact people with experience in this job like neighbors, colleagues, relatives and even professional Metro Vancouver movers, and ask them for advice.

Get the tools that you will need before you begin working – like a hammer or screwdriver. There may be the need to get a special tool that is designed for this piece of furniture and if this is your case or you lost some of the small parts, contact the manufacturer or the purchase point. This preparation will allow you to be ready with your furniture disassembly when moving day comes. Not having the right tools in time may prevent your work and losing small parts like bolts will stop it temporarily.

Explore what every step in the disassembly process is and follow it closely and strictly.
Keep sandwich bags (Ziplock for example) handy for holding small parts of things you have to take apart. You can use them for small particles like screws and fittings. After that during the shipping keep the bags with the pieces of furniture it belongs to or if you pack them separately, write down on the bags the furniture the pieces belong to so you don’t mix them up at your new home.

When the time to assemble back furniture comes, again follow the manual’s instructions step by step. If you have furniture, made out of softer materials like MDF disassembling and putting back furniture multiple times will destroy it so be careful. There are some pieces of furniture that can even be assembled only once and if you try to disassemble them, they will get damaged from that.

Take out the bags with small parts, place them next to the furniture you will be assembling and prepare the tools that you will need for that job as well. Make sure you fit all screws and bolts right where they need to be so that you don’t damage the furniture when assembling it.

Best Way to Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture

Sofas, headboards, beds, armories, pool tables, office furniture, etc. need an expert hand so that they can be preserved during dis- and reassembly, not just during relocation. That is why the best thing to do when looking for ways to transport your furniture in pieces is to rely on professionals. With a professional Metro Vancouver moving company furniture disassembly is much less stressful, difficult and risky.

When you get the quotes you’ve requested and book the moving company in Metro Vancouver, on the date agreed your Metro Vancouver movers will come to your home and put into parts the furniture you wish to be relocated. Every separate piece of it will be well packed for maximum protection and then transported to the location you appoint. At your new home the furniture will be assembled back. Seems very easy and simple to do, right? Actually, this is a task that not everyone can do. That is why hiring a relocation firm for furniture reassembly is the better option that can save you a lot of trouble.

What do you need to look for in a Metro Vancouver mover when you want to disassemble and assemble furniture? How do you organize your furniture reassembly and disassembly? What is the process like? Make sure they can preserve entirely the integrity of that which will be shipped in parts. That is why look for a Metro Vancouver mover with experience.

Show them the furniture you have for moving – ask for an on-site visual estimate for a more precise quote. Afterwards, you Metro Vancouver moving company will organize the disassembly of furniture for you and you will agree on the dates for that to be done. This is the simpler and easier option when you want to disassemble and assemble back furniture. You have now the tips you need to take a decision how you want to organize the disassembly of your furniture. Good luck with your move!

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